Day 995 a day of relaxation after the Fit Body Farm!

I’ve had a lovely day so far today, but I am shattered.

Three days of “making merry” on the trot. We’ve spent some precious time with family, we don’t do that often enough.

My brother and sis in law’s tree!

I didn’t get to bed until 11.30pm last night….. super late for me considering I was getting up at 5am, for the Fit Body Farm this morning.

I made it though and I’m so glad I did. It would have been so easy to stay home after a late night.

There were only 10 of us this morning but I really enjoyed the workout… I blasted Spotify on the way home and sang some tunes. Life is good after a workout.

I took Calaidh, Bhruic and Freya out for a walk but it really is a pretty dark and dreary day.

No mean feat getting down in the middle of the road to take this shot when 3 dogs are attached to your other arm!!

I’m still fasting so when I got home I started on the stairs with my magic dog hair removal brush!!! I love it.

I know this is disgusting for those of you who don’t have dogs…. But this is as good as getting a new hoover…. The stairs are a different colour now. 😂

Then I decided to have a bath. I never have a bath. I pretty much dislike having a bath but for some reason I felt the need today.

I used my new Happy Place Calm candle and body wash (pressie from Mum), with toasted marshmallow bubble bath (pressie from Holly next door) and Aveda intensive conditioning hair treatment, from my M&S Advent Calendar from my Uncle Campbell and Auntie Mo! I really miss my advent calendar as my daily treats have stopped now. it was such a lovely start to each day.

Of course I cleaned the bathroom after I used it but I was getting tired….

The pups have been sniffing me like crazy as I smell so different…. Clean maybe… they’re not used to that 😂😂

For the rest of the day I’ve been sitting in front of the fire…. In the clean Christmas onesie…. Oooh fire is about to go out…. Dammit…. Must go add some logs.


I’ve read my book. I’ve snoozed.

I have a nagging headache and the rumblings of stomach cramp so I’ve felt pretty rotten at times but I’ve been in the best place for it. Just chilling.

I managed another 17 hour fast. Today was the hardest. I was more aware of it than I usually am.

Craig’s been working most of the day. It’s such a shame he’s not been able to take a break but we need the jobs when we can get them. He is watching the football tonight so I’ll curl up in bed, with the electric blanket on. Like the sound of that already!

We had a delivery of left over Christmas food from Holly next door. I’ve made a huge feast for a late afternoon lunch/early dinner. Soooo good. We are so very lucky!!

So yeah… I’m hoping the rest of the week is as relaxing. I’m enjoying a break from work. Need to get some holidays planned for next year to look forward to (other than Iceland of course!)

This last one says it all for me. I hope I say this often enough but thank you. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this. Whether I know that you are there or not. It means so much to me that anyone would take the time to read what’s going on in my head.

A very big thank you!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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