Day 988 Twelve Days of Christmas workout at the Fit Body Farm on the shortest day of the year!

Finally it’s the shortest day of the year and these cold, dark nights can do one!

Well ok, it’s a good while until we get rid of them completely but it’s a very positive start.

Positive Sporty Spice got out of bed this morning. Who knew she was in there after Monday’s efforts which I felt so sluggish and lethargic?!?

I’ve actually being doing some intermittent fasting for the last few days. Stop eating after dinner and don’t eat again until lunch time the next day. It’s made such a difference to my lethargy. I find it really easy to do when I’m at Tartan as I just eat at lunch. I have peppermint tea and black decaf coffee through the morning, along with plenty water.

For someone who stresses out added tasks into the day… intermittent fasting is a whole lot easier than prepping hand cooked meals. Just don’t eat. Boom.

So I last ate at 6.15pm last night and didn’t eat again until 12.35pm today. I’ve had lots to drink and only started to feel hungry about an hour before lunch. It’s definitely the way to go for me just now.

This is us at 5.30am.

It’s the Twelve days of Christmas workout at the Farm this morning, when means Christmas jumpers and a whole lotta hard work!

Here are the 6am crew!

And this is the dark workout board that I took when I left at 7.30!

It’s an accumulator. I did the lap of the garden. Craig did a lap of the garden and two press-ups. I did a lap of the garden, two press-ups and 3 kettlebell shoulder presses and so on. Poor Craig has the 11 things to do just before we hit the 12 burpees!!! I got a wee rest before joining in with him on them.

Team Avery burpees!

I wanted to run like the wind this morning. I was buzzing and full of energy.

Love the pained expression 😂 mine and his!

Check Santa in the background of this next one!! That girl did the whole workout dressed like that. Huge well done.



I could have kept going even after all that.

It’s sooooo dark this morning. Thankfully Craig went and got me the head torch (I forgot!) so I could see to get back to the van after my shower.

All that early morning excitement said and done, it’s been a miserable day today. it has just rained, and sometimes rained sideways, all day.

And it’s been sooooo dark.

Our sunrise today was 8.46am and sunset at 3.47pm.

And from tomorrow it will start to get lighter a wee bit every night. Yay! Flip flops here we come.

So I’m home now and crochet is cancelled tonight as we’re on our Christmas break… I forgot about that so I have an unexpected chill out bight. The jammies are on, the fire and candles are on and Craigie’s on dinner!

Today has been a good head day. I’m tired but not exhaustively so, I’m not sluggish or lethargic. It feels good.

And finally…. Remembering that dreadful day, 34 years ago today. 💔 I still remember exactly where I was when the news was first reported. I was 16.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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