Day 986 positively tropical in South West Scotland today 👙🍹🏝️

It is ROASTING today… compared to the temperatures we’ve been having, this is positively tropical.

It’s due to hit 12°C today. Last week we had minus 10!

My head is not great today. I woke at 4.15 and could have cried at the thought of having to go to the Farm, and into work. I’m still really tired. I can’t think straight, my mind is so sleepy. I just want to stay home, sleeping, but I force myself to get up. I make breakfast and pull together some lunch and head off in the dark to the Farm. (You can tel I’m still not loving the drive…)

The gym is still freezing inside but it’s much warmer outside. We have a good workout today but it all feels like an effort to me. I have that stroppy kid inside me huffing and puffing as it doesn’t want to do any of these things.

I just want to sit in silence inside my own head. It feels safe in there.

The fear is quite predominant this morning…. What could possibly go wrong?!? Everything, if that voice in my head is to be believed.

I cried after the class when I caught Craig’s eye and he asked how I was…. One of those days.

The floodlights were on when I left, so that was a bonus… I could see.

I’ve also been trying to cheer up my low mood with food…..

The office is sweltering when I get in. Some kind soul has left the heating on, thinking it would be freezing again today. Off comes the anorak, the fleecey buff and the Christmas jumper within the first 5 minutes of being in! both heaters switched off. So different from last week 😆

I actually had a good day at work. The day went really quickly. It’s blawin’ a hoolie and raining for most of the day.

I’ve felt a lot better at work than I did earlier. As usual I seem to be better when I’m busy.

This is a particularly difficult time of year. I think many of us feel a lot of pressure to celebrate and be merry.

I am already overwhelmed with everything that needs doing. I can’t remember ANYTHING unless I write it down. We are busy now until Wednesday 28th December and I saw this and it completely resonated with me.

Anyway, I’m bored reading this back as it sounds like in whinging. It’s just a wee bit of low mood and motivation. I struggle to take anything else on board over and above my work. When I put it like that, it’s that simple.

I’m in fresh Christmas jammies as onesie has hit the washing. These are not as warm but I could be sitting here in shorts and still be warm tonight I think….. 😂 positively tropical… 😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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