Day 984 the little gift shop, dog walk, Christmas onesie and a long nap!

I am sooooo tired today. I’ve hit a wall after such a busy week.

Someone….. 😳🙄 woke me again at 6am, I mean come on….. we’d fallen asleep to Christmas tunes being blasted out by the band, in the pub next door…. 😂

Of course I couldn’t fall back to sleep….

It was super icy again this morning. Didn’t expect that as the temperature has lifted. Obviously just not enough. Had to wait on the van to de-ice before I left.

The little gift shop was busy again today. The Christmas cards are flying out the door!

Gayle’s done some lonely artificial floral displays too. She’s super talented and I love watching her work. 😍

It’s just such a lovely atmosphere.

I went to Tesco straight from work but was too tired to think straight. I couldn’t think of anything I wanted to buy. Craig’s out for dinner today and I wanted a treat for tonight. I had no idea….. all I knew was I needed sleep!! I didn’t fancy anything. I talked to myself all the way round 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

I wasn’t done yet…. Had to get the puppers out… could only manage one at a time. Here’s Calaidh being a good girl ♥️

It’s still really icy… only slipped once. 😬

This was only 3pm….. such a low winter sun.

Then finally.. home for something to eat…. Crusty bread and pâté…. Into very cosy Christmas onesie and on the couch. I’ve had a lovely big sleep but I’m not done yet…. There’s more to come. I’m watching cheesy movies…. They’re bound to send me back to sleep!

Sorry I sound grumpy. I’m just tired. 😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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