Day 981 and I thought it had been cold for a few weeks now??? New level of cold today.

Minus 10°C this morning. It is another level of cold from the last few days.

Craig started both cars before we left for the Farm at 5.30am. I say this as this is perfectly normal… it’s a horrific carbon footprint for us both to drive separately, but I go straight into work after the workout and a shower, so don’t head back home.

We were awake at 4.25am but I had turned the lights out at 8.30pm last night. I slept like a log all night again. The bedroom is freezing but the bed is toasty. I wish I was there now.

Since we were pretty sharp this morning, I decided to stop at the cheap diesel garage in Stewarton again.

This time the pump started to pour diesel over the forecourt as it loaded the van. I put my finger under it to check it wasn’t water. Nope. Diesel. Like it was ever going to be anything else. 😂

I popped in to say to the lady, then had to move pumps. Then tried to pay with a card that didn’t have enough in the account.

By this time we were late for the Farm. 😂😂

It was baltic….. normally you heat up when you’re moving but I was very aware of the biting cold every time I waved a limb around the gym. My face and teeth (random!) were sore with the cold.

We did a Spartan 300 workout this morning.

The challenge is to do all of that in 11 minutes. I mean all of that before the 50 burpees at the end…. Even that was gonna be hard. I managed it in 15 minutes 40 seconds. It was tough going. One guy managed it in 9.5 mins. Amazing!

The shower was very cold, then blistering hot, then very cold as if the temperature was playing havoc with the water flow.

All worth while in the silence when I pull down the shutter and leave for work (without the head torch today dammit!!)

Painfully cold 🥶 but incredibly peaceful.

Unfortunately, the guy who puts my wee heater on, forgot today. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄😬 he does it religiously… forgets when it’s -10°C 😂😂

Check the reindeer and Nessie with reindeer antlers in the background!

The wee fan heaters took an hour to heat the room so I kept my coat on until 9.30am. Everyone is cold today.

So we’ve had a burning smell since yesterday morning…. We’ve sniffed and touched everything and not found the source of it… until today.

Of course it’s the plug in the wall where everything runs out of. Of course we never actually moved the desk to get behind it to check that plug. Until today.

We were very lucky the smell was so strong that we didn’t let it go. So we spent 3 hours today rewiring and moving the office around!

So I’m actually taking a holiday tomorrow and was frantically trying to get my ducks in a row today… 3 hours of office move was not in my plan. 😂 Still we moved it around, had a clean and a clear out and it looks much better.

I’ve brought the Christmas lights home with me though, as I reckon the limited sockets could do without a set of Christmas lights to power.

I followed Craig up the road home tonight…. Pointing out our horrific carbon footprint again… he had a client south of my work and just so happened we left at almost exactly the same time. It’s funny when that happens.

So crochet is cancelled tonight as we have our Christmas lunch on Friday so I have a dog behaviour enquiry call to make tonight at 7.30pm. My first in about a year and a half. Then feet up and relax in between hanging washing and doing the dishes. 😂

Stay warm and safe everyone ❄️❄️❄️

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