Day 977 a snow flurry today… for all of 5 minutes 😆❄️

I fell asleep on the couch last night at 7.30pm and woke up after 9pm. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. I drifted off again and finally went through to bed about 9.35pm. Rock n’ roll huh!

I am still sad that I missed out but I glad that I did what felt right at the time.

I slept like a log u til 5.18am.

I was up, showered and out with Calaidh by 8am.

There was a super heavy frost overnight and it was bitterly cold… again!

The sun wasn’t due to rise until 8.37am.

Here comes my girl. I love waking her on her own. She’s so good, has a good run around but always comes back when I call her.

The farm looks lovely in the morning sky and frost… this is not THE farm. Just A farm. 😂

It’s so peaceful. Not a sound. I’m so glad I came out.

The moon is still huge in the sky.

Here she comes again.

There’s a really heavy frost but it’s beautiful.

Here’s Calaidh with Beith in the background, and Goat Fell on the Isle of Arran peaking up over the hills in the distance.

I had Gavin from Smith Sounds coming to the house, before work, to fix the reversing camera in Abbie the camper van.

So another £188 thrown at her and I can now reverse without hitting lampposts…. Ok correct that… I can still hit lampposts but at least I might see them before I hit them. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Craig had to drop me at work so Gavin could work on the van.

Work was really busy which is always lovely. That shop really is therapy for my soul. I love chatting away to the customers.

Then it happened…. I don’t know why we make such a big thing about it…. But it snowed!!! Like about 10 flakes… but we all got a wee bit excited! 😂

Mum and dad live an hour and half away, and they have snow already.

Pinched from my mum!

Ours literally lasted like 5 minutes, if that!

So Gayle very kindly gave me a lift home.

No rest for the wicked… back out with the gruesome twosome!

It’s much cloudier now and raining.

And then finally I can relax. It’s my weekend… it used to be 3 full days and now it’s 1 and a half but I think I’m so much better for it. Keeping busy has really helped me and yet there are times when I just know I need to rest. This weekend is one of them.

There have been no tears today which is a huge bonus. I’m calm, relaxed and have sat in front of the fire watching movies… 17 Dresses and I’m now on The Wedding Daye…. Cheesy love films. ♥️

I can’t find anything Christmassy so have gone with cheese instead!

Craig’s out with the village woodcutters and I’m going to start looking through my meagre purchases to see what I have and start thinking about what I actually need.

I’m hearing joyful shouts all over from those who have “finished their wrapping and are ✅“…. You know who you are. 😆😘 I’m nowhere near done but that’s ok. I still have a whole lot of days to get organised and plenty time for wrapping.


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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