Day 976 another beautifully freezing cold day 🥶 ☀️🥶 but not the best headspace so cancelled my Christmas night out

Wow it’s 9.43am and I feel I may have peaked already. I woke at 4am so only had 6 hours sleep.

This was the first thing I saw…

I needed to see that. Did as I was told. 😬😂

It’s a beautiful day now the sun is up. It feels like we never get a run of blue skies and sun like this in the summer! I guess we do. We just forget.

I had 4 layers on at the Farm and we were outside for a lot of it…. Running. 😳

Hat on, hat off, gloves on, gloves off.

There was no sunrise by the time I left, it was still dark.

I was fighting a negative head. My inner voice was trying to belittle me, make me nervous of driving in the dark, listening for every noise in the van, squinting in the poor headlights…. I felt a bit of a wobble.

At the same time I watched a bird fly across the road in front of me. A bird of prey. Wow. As it landed on a fence post by the side of the road it turned its big white OWL head towards me!!! I have never seen an owl in the wild.

I exclaimed all kinds of gratitude to anyone that would listen. 😂 That’ll teach you inner voice. You put me down, I give you an owl.

Yeah ok…. That made no sense but you know what I’m getting at!

When I got home I had to sit around for a bit before dog walk as it was still dark then too. Sadly we’ve had reports of a guy walking around our local area, taking photos of folk walking their dogs, so I didn’t want to go in the dark as I might have done last week.

As soon as it started getting light, I headed up the hill with Bhruic and Freya.

By this time I have 5 layers on as I’ve put by Dry Robe on on top of everything else. I look massive and it’s still freezing!

I got some beautiful shots though. the colours were amazing.

If you zoom in on this next one you’ll see Freya is a tiny dot on the horizon!

Back home to swap for Calaidh and by this time the sun has risen.

Check the shadow of me in my dry robe! I actually met one of my neighbours as he came round the bed at the top! Hope he never saw my ridiculous posing. 😂

Calaidh pupper posing in the sun.

Loved the next dew frosty scenes.

And these next two were taken on separate dog walks!

By the time I got back home, I had an hour to get ready for the little gift shop… AND I had to pack for my Christmas night out with Tartan Campers. No pressure. Finally figured out what I was going to wear, had my shower, did my hair and extra make up and set off.

I’ve been pretty tearful today. My eyes have been welling up on and off all day.

The shop was really busy, which was great…. But I knew deep down that I wasn’t feeling up to a night out.

They were all meeting at 2.45 and I wouldn’t have got there until 5. I’d have to drive into Glasgow. I’d not be drinking. Then we’d move from the first place into the city and what would I do with the van (with no reversing camera?) I was upset at the bought of going and I was more upset at the thought of cancelling.

We were so busy that Gayle said I’d I wasn’t going she could use me to stay on for the last hour. Decision made.

So I’m back home in a very cosy Christmas onesie. I feel sad that everyone’s out enjoying themselves and I’m not there. But, I am very cosy and tired sitting here now. I’m glad I did what felt right.

So to end with a smile. Scotland’s gritters are out in force tonight. They are all named. You can follow them on a map to see where they all are!!

Only in Scotland 😂😂😂

Stay safe everyone 🥶☀️🥶

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