Day 973 a good bit warmer today though it was my first frosty day!

I set about everything with a much warmer outlook today. 😆

I wore a thicker jumper, a hat, scarf and gloves from the outset and it seems to have done the trick. I was ready for anything the cold threw at me.

I set my alarm for 15 minutes earlier today, so I could drive to a cheap petrol station on the way to work. I realise the irony of that. Drive further to save a few pence….

I had to scrape Abbie the Campervan for the first time this year.

She has her big boy wheels back on

Now remembering I am only 5ft 4 inches, this is about as much of the windscreen as I can clear.

Did I remember Craig had given me a homemade de-icer to try??

No, I did not… I whapped my lunch bag down on top of it and completely forgot it was on my passenger seat.

Just as well I got up early. I had to sit for about 10 minutes until I could see enough to drive.

So ALL the way to the petrol station and the nice lady said I had enough Nectar points to save 5p a litre. Thank you very much lovely lady. (Yes I know probably still not worth the extra 10 mile drive but hey….)

The office was warmer as boss man left the heating on low last night which took the edge off the metal portacabin chill… and of course I was dressed like Nanook of the North (whoever that is?!)

I headed out to Abbie for lunch today as the sun was splitting the cold skies. Abbie was toasty warm in the sun, so I made soup and toasted my wrap.

By 3.50pm the sun was almost down.

As I ooohed and aaahed at the sunset, boss man sarcastically pointed out how lovely the moon was…. Methinks he was making fun of me 🤣🤣🤣 little does he realise I took s photo of it as it was stunning! Full moon tomorrow!

The van was all misted up again, when I left work, so I decided to try and fix my diesel heater as the boys are so busy, I am determined to get it going.

I tried to get the top off it to change the temperature sensor and it didn’t work. Only because I couldn’t actually get the top off, of course. 🤣

So I took this photo and posted on a FB forum where they gave me options to try and it worked straight away!!!!

I am soooo chuffed. The forum is great and has loads of experts on it… I may be using them again. I’ve been sitting outside the house in my jammies, hat, gloves and jacket and the diesel heater is pumping away nicely!!

I also came home to a lovely 50th birthday gift from my friend Aileen. We met about 1995 when we worked in Panasonic together. That’s nearly 30 years…. Wow!

I tried to take a photo, it’s the middle one! I love having a couple of necklaces on at once and these sit perfectly together.

So I’ve had a really good day today. I’m feeling quite excitable for some reason, which is quite rare. I did have a caffeine coffee at about 10.30am. Could be that 😂😂

It’s so nice to feel confident and happy. No tears on the progesterone this month and I stop it again tomorrow for 2 weeks.

Back in the house now. Fire on, candles lit and the puppers looking for a tennis ball to be thrown, as usual. Watching The Handmaid’s Tale again.

All is well.


Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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