Day 785 wake up in Keswick and go to sleep back home!

It’s been a much drier day today thankfully. I woke at 4.32am to the loudly chirping birdies of Braithwaite Village…. And no rain!

Pop top down ready for the off

I’d had a lovely caravan dinner with mum and dad last night. We had my brothers homemade soda bread with cheese and pickles and grapes. We then went for a lovely walk round the village before I headed back to the van at 8.30pm!

Dinner venue tonight
The balloons and flowers new home
The Braithwaite Village store is really lovely inside but covered in scaffolding just now
Loved the road sign
The Ivy Hotel
A lovely wee cottage
Sunset sky from Braithwaite Village campsite

So I dozed until 7.32 when I got rudely awakened by my electrical control unit in the van, beeping incessantly at me and switching off…. I have suffered from too little power in the past and now it would seem I have too much power…. Can’t win huh?!

It did it a good few times yesterday but I was awake so ignored it…. Not so much this morning!

The facilities in this campsite are amazing. Despite the site being full, I’ve never seen more than 3 people in the toilet block at any one time and the showers are amazing. So a nice leisurely shower then met up with mum and dad to follow them back into Keswick. I am finally getting my boat trip on Derwent Water!!

It’s really lovely this morning after all of yesterdays rain.

Looking over the the hill called Catbells…. Very unusual eh?!
Love these boats

We boarded a 50 minute cruise on the Derwent Water. You can get off at various stops if you have the time. We just went right round.

This is my happy boat trip face! 😆

Derwent Island
It’s very dark and moody now
Looking over to Lodore
Glasses off as there’s so much spray
Catbells AGAIN!
Heading back into dock
The boat house and looking over to the site of the Mountain Festival which is now clearing up

Zoom in to the sign on the top right window…. Dad said that’s what the ducks are queuing for 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤣🤣

We went to the Lakeside Cafe for brunch and I had a lovely Oat Milk DECAF latte… only remembered because mum asked for decaf first….. 🤔😬 and Chimichurri Mushrooms on Soda Bread with rocket. It was lovely.

A whole lotta rocket!

Sadly there is a chance I may still be tasting said Chimichurri tomorrow and the next day…. It’s very garlicky and very unforgiving… 😷

Then it was time for me to leave and head back up the road. I had a great run. Left at 11.45 and was home by 2.15 without any stops at all.

Immediately after I passed over the border into Scotland, the heavens opened… it was comical. Literally like, woo hoo Scotland! RAIN!!!! To be fair it stopped pretty quickly.

So home for 2.15 and have unpacked and washed everything already. I love getting the van all cleaned out otherwise I’d not do it for ages.

Of course it was great to see Craig and the puppers and have some more of my sister in laws lovely 50th anniversary cake!

We’ve had a lovely weekend celebrating with mum and dad. I’ve left them there for a few more days and I was a weeeeee teeeeensy bit jealous.

Back to work tomorrow after a lovely 4 day break!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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