Day 784 a rainy day in Keswick.

Ok let’s start with yesterday or even Friday night…. The van all ready for bed.

I’m super cosy in my bed with my new blanket.

I could not get to sleep at all…… i was wired to the moon, it was 1.08am the last time I looked at the clock.

I’ve been waking at 6am and can’t get back to sleep at all. Which isn’t the best when I’ve been late to bed so I’m a bit groggy all day… and a teensy little bit grouchy. 🥴🤔😬🤭

We met for breakfast in my brothers chalet and they put on a magnificent spread.

I do realise that’s just the empty plates and bowls 🙄

The chalet is lovely…

So we went into Keswick for the Mountain Festival, caught the bus as the traffic was likely to be crazy in Keswick and spent the morning walking around the festival site on the shores of Derwent Water.

This was a HUGE trip down memory lane as this is one of “my buses”… it was built at a time when I worked for the manufacturer and I managed the Stagecoach contract. I found myself remembering all the names of all the colours etc. 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄🤣

There were loads of activities for kids…. Someone was happy ⚖️🤣

There were lots of fell races starting.

This one in particular caught my eye… a 1500m swim around Derwent Island. Look at all the wee bodies in the water!!

And the finish line…

It started to rain quite heavily by now so we took a walk into the town for a wander round the shops and a coffee shop stop. This is Keswick in bloom.

Keswick is a lovely wee town with lots of amazing outdoor shops. It has quaint, narrow streets.

There are, however, a lot of people.

There’s a market on in the town too.

As you know, we came home and I went for the best nap…. And missed a whole of of sunshine.

We were booked for dinner at the Lyzzick Hall Hotel for 6.30pm. It was a beautiful evening.

Lyzzick Hall was out of this world.

The views over to Cats Bells … the hill in the distance.

The wisteria on the side of the building is stunning.

Me, Mum, my wee Bro and Dad before dinner.

The hotel is beautiful and very tastefully decorated.

A selection of the meals…. The food was honestly exquisite. Could not fault it.

But you know something… it was the staff that really made it. Their attention was polite, witty and funny without being intrusive. They made the whole experience a real pleasure and I would highly recommend anyone to visit.

Lyzzick Hall Hotel & Restaurant

We honestly couldn’t recommend this place highly enough. They even got happy anniversary on their dessert plates.

We got a taxi there and back and they were faultless too. We were so lucky to have such a lovely evening.

The only thing missing was oor Craigie who’s stuck at home with the dogs for the weekend. He was missed.

I slept a bit better last night and sadly it had rained all day today. This is the crossroads in Braithwaite Village.

We had a slower morning… breakfast about 10.30 ish in the chalet again and off into Keswick for a wander round and then lunch.

We went into the Derwent or Cumberland Pencil Museum…. Well into the shop. Look at all these pencils!!!

A mahoosive pencil sharpener

Dad and Kenny off up the street.

Some lovely pansies.

More stunning flowers.

We stopped a a wee battery operated boating pond and it was a lot harder than it looked!

And then this fudge shop….

So my bro and his family are away home now and mum, dad and I are chilling ready to make some plans for dinner later. Right now I’m cosy in my van with the diesel heater working!!!

And finally at 4.16pm the sun just peaked out from behind a cloud.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️