Day 789 a very productive and sunny Saturday!

I could not have predicted I would have such a good day today.

I went to bed ridiculously early last night… when meant I woke at 12.45 and was awake until at least 4am. For those of you who don’t sleep well that’s maybe nothing…. But I don’t know how you do it. Those wee sma’ hours on the morning seem fairly hopeless and it took ages for me to fall back over. I did though until about 7.30am. Thankfully.

I’d been a real grouch last night and this morning I realised it was that time of the month again and the relief was immense… at least that justifies some “off” time.

I sat in Gran’s chair and crocheted while Craig slept and the puppers were stunning themselves in the early morning rays. It’s been so long since we’ve seen sunshine if felt like a welcome relief.

Bhruic sitting on a bench at the window next to me surveying the garden
What is this big orange ball in the sky?!?

So we decided to spend the day on Abbie the camper van, getting her ready for holiday on Friday.

I was gonna name the blog “way less steps than yesterday” and I was surprised to see that despite what I thought of as a sedentary day I’ve still done 11,852 steps today. It’s also 8.15pm already so there won’t be many more.

So while we were working I for Evan…. Hoovering, cleaning, unpacking, repacking…. The village hall car park was being relayed.


The before doesn’t do the undulating mountainous terrain any justice. It really was pretty bumpy getting in and out.


Looks amazing…. Our local Finco Contracts did this for free. Not sure we can ever thank them enough!

Had lovely chats with everyone during the day as they carried out the work… I even did some camper van sales pitch!!

So I have one question for you all…. When you have mud on a floor or a vinyl seat cushion…. How do you wash it out? Tried scrubbing with soapy water and it looks amazing…. Until it dries and the mud is still there?! That’s the only negative to today. At least I know everything is clean there are just a few dry muddy marks that won’t clean off. 🤦🏻‍♀️

We carried on until after 3pm and came round and sat out the back as the sun had reappeared. Claire had also leant me a sun lounger, very timely I may add so I sat on it for almost 4 hours and crocheted!!

Loving the colours on my new creation

Craig’s sister and nephew popped in to see us and we had a lovely few hours while Max weeded the veggie patches and the three of us chatted….. child labour… shocking! Turns out he loves weeding and turns out we have a lot of weed that needing weeding 🥴🤣

Here sits lady muck while Lisa and Craig survey Max’s handiwork!

Look at that sky! 💙

It was a lovely relaxing afternoon and I’ve had a really good day.

Stay safe everyone 💜💜💜