Day 779 a soaking wet dog walk this evening!

It’s so lovely to get caught in a rain shower sometimes. It clears your head.

I walked out the door and the heavens opened. Too late to turn back, I just got wet.

It’s mild out there today so it was kinda warm rain…. Everything smelled so fresh and looked so green. This last week of rain has brought so much growth.

The sky is lovely despite the rain.

It’s been a testing day… I’ve been a bit too reactive to outside triggers but the triggers are all mine and mine to control.

It’s hard work being in my head sometimes. I think too much, worry too much, care to much, yeah all of the above. If I could switch it off I would have done it long before now.

Healthy eating still on track which is something! I’ve made every meal and eaten fruit and veg I’ve not eaten in months!

And not just for Tuesdays….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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