Day 568 it’s 6 years since we moved into oor wee hoosie 🏡

So yeah 6 years ago today we moved into our lovely wee cottage in a small village.

You know how it is when you’re on holiday and you look at something and wonder why you can’t live somewhere like that?! We had always loved old cottages. Loved the quaint and rustic look. Came home to a house in a big housing estate surrounding by hundreds of other houses and yet we knew no one around us. We smiled and had a wee chat with neighbours but it always just pleasantries.

We started looking for older and more unique houses and didn’t really care where we ended up. We ended up a 70 mile round trip from my job at the time.

We saw the cottage up for sale on the Wednesday, viewed it that night and bought it by Friday. The guy had a painting of a plane landing on Barra Beach on his wall. That’s our favourite place and we saw that as yet another sign.

When you move into a village you gain an extension to your family.

There is always someone here for you. Always someone ready to help you. You can borrow anything from anyone. Sugar…. There’s a lot of sugar changes hands…. 🤣 I’ve lost count of the amount of lovely meals that have arrived at our door from the pub next door… the doorbell rings, you go outside and no one is there but dinner has arrived…. And it’s always amazing!!

When we moved in several of the neighbours came to introduce themselves. We spent the first few years piecing everyone together as everyone knows everyone else and it takes a while to understand all the links!

And since then we’ve seen many of the stalwarts of the village sadly pass away and feel privileged to have met them and then lovely new neighbours move in and slowly we become a part of the history.

We’ve spent a small fortune on our 250+ year old cottage and it’s still not finished…. But it’s ours and we love it… and our lovely neighbours ♥️

We have miles of single track roads and fields around us for dog walks and if you’ve been reading for a while, you’ll have seen photos of so many of them.

Here we go today!

So work and then dog walk today.

It’s been rotten weather again. Pouring rain but I got a dry spell with the dogs.

The hedges have all been cut back since I last walked this way. Everything felt strange as it looked so different. You learn so much more about farming when you live in the country. It never stops. The work never stops.

Checking out the hedges mumma
Wet and muddy!

I’m having another productive evening. I usually sit down and never move but I’m making a point of getting things tidied up and it feels good.

The problem is…. I stand up and this happens….

Oh I should say I did a meditation this morning before I left for work! Check me. My mind was racing when I woke up so I thought I’d try and calm it down.

After this I’m off to do some work on the Daylight app… apparently I have some worry time scheduled where I can worry as much as I like about things but only in that time. Don’t laugh. I’m trying everything.

How the hell I stop worrying after worry time is the key….. let’s see how it goes.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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