Day 556 another joyful day in the life (detect sarcasm?! You should!)

Wow…. She who avoids all kinds of drama has created some amount herself today. Apologies to everyone who got in the way. Wow.

It all went fine until about 11.30 then stand back world and watch out… the Tasmanian devil whirlwind was in full flow.

Jeez…. I really don’t want to be this person. Why do I have to overreact when things don’t go my way. The overwhelm really feels like it’s the end of the world. I drag everyone else down too.

I found this and honestly it explains my life almost word for word.

Now in my defence…. Sorry boys… girls stuff again but my period started today. Now I have always said it’s the one day of the month that I think I should stay curled up in bed. My already crazy emotions are WAY over the top today. Funny that kicked in around 11.30am too.

♥️ I needed to hear this ♥️

Leaving this here and hoping that I make tomorrow a better day. Focusing on the present moment and appreciating everything I have.

Stay safe everyone (out my way is probably safest 😆😘)

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