Day 1111 now that’s a whole lotta blogs 🤗♥️

Well I had no idea that day 1111 was just around the corner. You’d think I’d have sussed it eh?!? Not…. a…. clue…. 😂

So on a day with a memorable number, I usually like to do a wee stat recap… so that I can find it when I look back. It seems appropriate to a bit of reflection on day 1111.

Having had to leave work in a puddle of tears in September 2018, and being made redundant in February 2020, I’ve managed to achieve the following…

  • 1,571 days without alcohol
  • 1,111 days writing a daily blog
  • 755 days since I started working in Tartan Campers
  • 617 days without any form of antidepressants
  • 178 days on HRT
  • 1 day since my first drag show 😂

I don’t give myself much credit but the bit that really gets me is the amount of time off the anti-depressants. I can’t get my head around that as I relied on them so heavily for so much of my adult life.

I’m so proud of that. I have fought so very hard to get better, even on the days where I felt like I couldn’t go on.

Also the giving up drink living next door to the village pub… that’s taken some sheer grit, determination and willpower.

I could have a drink now if I wanted but I finally realised that I am choosing not to. I much prefer the me that isn’t always looking for the next glass of wine.

Mental Health is a difficult one… if you really want to fix it you have to find a treatment yourself, and pay for it, despite us having the NHS and work bloody hard, when every bit of you just wants to give up. You have to take control when you are at your lowest ebb. I put on 4 stone and am thankfully slowly losing it now. Jeez it was such a rough time and I’m so grateful for how I feel now. It’s such a relief to be in a good place mentally.

I’m getting through all of this on chocolate alone 😆🙄 and I ain’t giving that up anytime soon!!! (obviously there’s the free therapy at The little gift shop too 🤗💜♥️)

So, back to my day, well yesterday to start… a quick photo of the Village Hall Committee with our drag Queen!

We were up at 6am this morning and I decided to start putting things up for sale on Vinted.

I had a lovely wee surprise when I realised it had £67 in my Vinted account from the last time I sold things.

Who knew?!?! I did wonder where the money went when I sold stuff before but never really checked up properly…. Julie half a job, I know…. I know Claire next door has just rolled her eyes and laughed hard at this 🙄😆😘💜

I’ve already sold 2 pairs of hiking boots, a pair of Converse and a pair of Montane walking trousers. Some of it sold within minutes of putting them up for sale. People have been messaging all day.

We’ve tidied and cleaned but the house, after our room move but it’s still very much a work in progress.

We finally sat down for a lovely coffee and chocolate at 2pm.

I took the dogs out on two separate walks this afternoon. Calaidh first…. With her frisbee….. which she only let go of once, the whole walk!!

Craig snapped us from the living room window! The frisbee is now very muddy and a lot less red!

Then it was Bhruic and Freya’s turn and I took a tennis ball up into the field.

I love that they take it turn about and know they have to wait.

So that’s been my Sunday… oh we had the loveliest dinner… leftovers from the village pub again. We are soooo lucky!

So that’s the weekend almost over. It’s been a good one.

Oh and we didn’t get the big UK alert… after all that excitement…. we are with 3 mobile….

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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