Day 1079 the Scottish Dog Behaviourist returns! 🚐🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Craig and Bhru are back from their mini adventure!

I came home from work, raced in the door, shouting my hellos and screaming that I was desperate for the loo… only to find later that he was on a call… on speaker phone. 😳 classy.

The seem to have had a great time and I am determined to keep looking for things to do around the house. She says sitting on her backside writing this at 5.45 😂

I’ve already had dinner and washed the dishes, that’s a good start.

He’s also cleaned the van, washed the dog marrow bone sheepskin rug 😳🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️washed all the blankets. if I’m really honest there is t any sign that he’s been away. I have to admit to taking photos of the hall and the kitchen this morning before I left for work… in case of comparison. Oh me of little faith. That’ll teach me!!

Anyway, we went out for a run this morning again. The forecast was awful, but it was actually dry but very windy.

Come on mum says Freya!

Check them bounding along. They’re loving it.

I actually had to stop a few times to catch my breath as the wind was so strong. A good excuse that!

The sky was lovely and the clouds were moving so fast.

Huge puddle in the road!

Spotted these little beauties on my run…. They are lit up by the head torch.

So home, fed the dogs, put away all the dry washing, shower and out to work…. Super productive all before 7.30. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy to get up, I could just roll over and not bother, but I force myself for the sake of the dogs. Once I’m outside I’m totally fine. It’s just getting there takes the effort.

Work was super busy again today and the day flew in.

I’m still fasting and doing really well at it this week. I’m doing more of an 18 hours fasting, 6 eating…. And I’m not giorging myself when I do eat… says Mrs 8 Custard Creams today… believe me, there’s been a lot worse. 😂

I really enjoy it. I love eating dinner, feeling full and setting the clock. After that I know I won’t eat anything else. I’m meeting the Crochet Hookers in the pub tonight and I will just drink soda water.

Love this next one. I’m really finding the appreciation of the present moment. I say this a lot but life is right here, right now with my feet up on the couch writing this. It’s not waiting for crochet or living for days off like we have this weekend. It’s right now. Calaidh is sitting next to me. The tennis ball is on my legs. Her eyes keep looking at the ball and then looking up into mine…. I can type this and still watch her and not make many mistakes. Check me!

It feels like there is so much extra time in a day when you appreciate it all.

I also love to examine how I’m really feeling, and why…. You’d never have guessed that would you?!? 😂

Anyway I’m rambling now so I’ll finish up.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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