Day 1041 a day off where you want to do everything but actually nothing 😂

I had such a great sleep last night. 8 hours and 19 minutes… I woke feeling refreshed. Clean bed has a lot to answer for.

I didn’t get night sweats for the first time in about a week and a half. I could have stayed in there all day and as I write this I think it would actually be nice to go back 😂

Had a nice decaf black coffee in my slothee mug! (from the Crochet Hookers for my 50th!)

So yeah… as usual on my day off, I want to do absolutely everything but actually I really want to do nothing. It’s half 1 already and I have dusted and polished the fire place and window ledge in the living room. I’ve tidied out the “candle” cupboard (yup we have one of those…) as it was a mess. I’ve hung one washing and put on another and I’ve walked the dogs…. For the first time in AGES!!

It’s a dull and fairly nondescript February day. It’s cold at first but then hot when you’re walking. I may have overdressed. The sky is grey and everything looks a big damp, soggy and miserable. It doesn’t make for the best photos! off out with Bhruic and Freya first.

Then back home for Calaidh.

Now Calaidh is not the most agile of dogs…. She doesn’t run half as much as the other two…. was lovely to catch her jumping this burn.

This was the most arty shot I could find… very slim pickings this morning 😂

Today was all about the water!

She really is a cutie pie.

So it’s now half 4 and I really have done nothing of any significance. I managed 19.5 hours of fasting.

I’m in front of the fire with a book while the football blares on the tv….. 😂

It’s been a restful day. I’m chilled and relaxed. I’m sure we’ll be binging Happy Valley as soon as the football is over!

Here’s to a good week ahead.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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