Day 1035 back to earth with a bump & Calaidh’s 8th birthday! 🐾🎉🥳🎊

3am. 😳

Wide awake.

My head was singing songs, chattering away, making no sense. I wasn’t awake enough to get up, I’m exhausted…. But still no sleep.

I didn’t got to the Farm this morning and I felt really bad about that. It ruminated round in my head but I needed the rest. I’m not sure I got it so I set off to work early.

So as suspected, today was a little of the ordinary, mundane and routine…. And yet it wasn’t at all.

We are very lucky to have lots of work to do after the show but I’m a bit tired and jaded. 😂

An 8 hour nap today would have been amazing!!!

So I sat at my desk and sorted all our enquiries into date order and started working my way through them. There are still SO many to be done!!

So back on that tomorrow and hope that I can turn some of them into new business.

Today is 6th February, 2023 and our big girl Calaidh is 8 today!

With Calaidh it’s ALL about the tennis ball 🎾

She’s never happier than when she’s got her eye on a tennis ball.

She’s her daddy’s girl!

Here’s our little puppy when we took her to the vet at 12 weeks.

She had a unique personality. She doesn’t care for other dogs but just wants lots of affection from people. She’s scared of other dogs coughing and sneezing, she runs a mile. 😂

She’s always hiding from something 😂

Awww she’s the best. We don’t get the dogs anything for birthdays but we have been telling her it’s her birthday all day. 😂😂😂

In other news I got a Sizzle Streak badge today 😬 from Zero… the fasting app!

50 consecutive fasts!

Ok so I’m still not a size 12 but I feel so much better for it and I find it super easy to do. I feel much better without pigging out every single night. I’ve taken control of my diet and I’m managing it.

So that’s all from me now. A bit of a come down from the last few days but that’s ok. You can’t live life at that pace every day!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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