Day 1030 one more sleep until the Scottish Caravan and Motorhome Show! 🚐

Well that was an interesting evening yesterday…..

The cramp just kept getting worse. Painkillers didn’t ease it off and neither did my hot water bottle. Usually the heat is an instant relief.

I literally had to move about on the couch every 5-10 minutes or so. Once I got comfy, it relaxed a bit until the next wave hit. Not gonna lie, there were silent tears most of the evening as I genuinely felt awfy sorry for myself.

It wasn’t the kind of depression tears though, just a feeling sad for the current situation. Also not a woe is me…. I know that this will pass. And it has….

I’ve been much better today. I actually slept most of the night, which was great but I didn’t go to the Farm this morning as still felt rotten, I looked all peely wally and my eyes were puffy from the tears.

Bit pathetic eh but it was really sore.

I’ve had twinges today but nothing like yesterday.

So it’s been an exciting, busy, yet very quiet day at Tartan HQ. The boys were at the SEC in Glasgow, setting up our stand at the show. It turned out they’d given us the wrong stand so we had to move everything around. A daft mistake by someone on Monday.

We are so very lucky to have two vans right outside the SEC which is a great advertisement. (these are not my pics as I wasn’t there today!)

There’s the same Finnieston Crane that I took a photo of last week when I was at the Scottish Trade Fair with the little gift shop. This is the year of the trade show! 😂

Here’s our stand!

And here are 3 of my smart looking Directors…. A girl can never have too many Directors 😂

This lovely van is up for sale at the show… I love it!

So yeah, that’s me for the next 4 days! If you happen to be at a loose end and nearby then pop along and say hello. We have smart new gear to wear so there will be plenty of photos.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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