Day 1027 spring cleaning after the lurgy 🧹🧽🧼🧺

There’s a whole lot less coughing and a whole lot more easy breathing in our house this weekend. So grateful!

We had a lovely night in the village pub yesterday. It’s great when you click with new friends and have such a good time. It’s lovely to laugh.

I slept for over 9 hours and could not wake up this morning. I love that feeling. We had Freya in with us last night and she never even woke me up. I was out for the count.

I honestly reckon I could just go back to bed now though. My head is calm. It’s a switched off calm. Nothing matters. I’m not gonna go anywhere or do anything. Just be happy to be inside my head that isn’t wittering away about something.

I didn’t finally get out of bed until after 11am and I’ve been a housework trojan for the last 4 hours. I’ve tidied, polished, hoovered AND washed floors…. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that.

These last few weeks we have literally only gone to work and come home and languished on the couch or in bed. It feels like coming out of a cocoon. As I say that, I’m not really to come back out yet…. Maybe another few days of doing nothing sounds great to me. 😂

How’s this for a transformation of our spare room?

The room keeps being used as a dumping ground and we have mum and dad coming to stay in a few weeks so I’m getting ahead of the game. Check me!

I’ve managed another 18.5 hours fast today. I’ve still managed to do that every day and I still feel much better for it.

So I had a coffee and sat down about half an hour ago and I’m watching Sleeping with the Enemy. Remember that film?! It’s so good and I don’t actually remember what happens, which makes it even better.

This made me laugh…. I love me a big hoodie but who really needs one this size?!?

Sundays are my least favourite day of the week for some reason. I think it’s the only day where I don’t have routine, and I can sometimes struggle with that, but today has been a really good day.

We’ve a busy week at Tartan HQ so I’m looking forward to that. Here’s to making the best of everything that this week throws at us.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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