Day 1026 the little gift shop, dog walks and a lovely dinner with new friends ♥️

Clean bed last night…. Wonderful. Especially after the last week of feeling rotten. By 4am the clean sheets are soaking wet after another night sweat. Never used to get these much. A sign of the times I guess but I’m hoping the HRT might help them go away in the coming months.

The little gift shop was amazing today. We were super busy. The lovely Earth Squared bags and and the new Highland Co lotions and soaps are flying out the door! The scents are amazing. I’m not going to be back in the gift shop for 2 weeks now. There’ll be none left by the time I get back. 😂

Home for 1.30pm and let the dog walking commence. No rest for the wicked!

It was super lovely that Claire had messaged about going out for a walk and I had 2 to do. It’s lovely that dog walking doesn’t feel like a chore when you are able to put the world to rights as you walk.

Calaidh and Freya first. They got a good run around the field and a play in the burn.

Then Bhru got her shot. Check the sky behind her. There’s rain coming and it’s really dramatic.

We just caught the start of the rain on our way back.

It’s very mean and moody.

So we’re booked into the Gateside Inn, next door, for dinner tonight, with two new friends, new to me anyway. Craig used to go to the gym with Lindsay and they met for a drink before Christmas. Her partner Ewen came to pick her up that night and we decided that the 4 of us should meet up a sometime…. And here we are. Very late lunch/ early dinner at 4.30.

I should say here, by way of advertisement, that the Gateside Inn is up for sale. If anyone fancies taking it over and having some of the best neighbours ever…. Obviously 😂 then get in touch.

Pub for sale!

Have a read of that article above. It got such a great write up in the press!

Anyway, I’ve just realised it’s 8.45pm and we’re still in the pub! Having a lovely evening, great chat and laugh. It’s so lovely to have such a giggle….. here’s some quick food pics.

Not even gonna proof read, what I wrote earlier….. I dread to think what I might be putting out… forgive my typos 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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