Day 1018 a beautiful day ☀️

It’s been such a beautiful day today…. 🌅☀️🌄 Freezing cold but pure, blue sky all day. I was out before sunrise with Bhruic.

I didn’t have a great sleep but I had to walk the dogs before the little gift shop today.

It actually did me the power of good. Cold, fresh air in my lungs and the beautiful colours of the sky before sunrise.

We were watched by 6 deer 🦌 from the fields…. They watched our every move. The photos didn’t come out though.

While I was on the move, I got Freya and Calaidh and headed back out with them. By this time the sun had come up. I’m still pretty wabbit but the exercise was good for me.

Same tree as before, just an hour or so later…

This was the scene when I left the house for the little gift shop.

Don’t leave us mum!!

We had a good day today even moved some more furniture around. I priced up loads of new cards and got them out on the shelves. The time passes so quickly when I’m in there.

And finally….. We lost a lovely lady today who always commented on the photos of my spooky trees. I took every spooky tree picture today with her in mind. 💔

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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