Day 1014 an icy start yto Blue Monday ❄️🧊❄️🧊

So last night I decided it would be a good idea NOT to put the windscreen wrap on the van.

I knew it was gonna be super frosty overnight. I decided not to go to the farm as I was so tired. I really wanted the extra hour in bed this morning. I also figured that scraping the van at 7.10am was way more acceptable than 5.30am.

My decision not to put the windscreen protector on….. backfired, big time.

Abbie the camper van was solid. I couldn’t get any door open at first and finally got the passenger door open. The windscreen was frozen inside too. I tried scraping the outside but that didn’t go well. I humphed up on to the top of the wheel so I could reach more of the windscreen. Still couldn’t clear enough of it! It was a workout and a half!

It took close to 25 minutes to defrost enough to drive. I was late for work after all that. Only by 6 minutes 😂

I was really off when I first arrived and it took me a while to get into the swing of it. I couldn’t think straight, couldn’t remember anything.

How lovely is this?! Brew Monday instead of Blue Monday 💙 zoom in and have a wee read. It’s a lovely thought.

Thankfully we were super busy today so I totally had to switch back on. I feel so much better this evening. The sunshine must have bought everyone out today.

It’s been so lovely, blue sky and sunshine all day.

And this made me smile.

And the windscreen wrap is on the van tonight!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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