Day 1009 how can you even come up with a title after 1009 days 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😘

This is sooooo me. I love it!

I can literally turn on a dime because something else is irritating me. 😆

I had another amazing sleep last night. Actually woke up with the 4.45am alarm rather than half an hour before. Was soooo cosy I didn’t want to get up. Yet we did!

A lot of running today but I did it. It always helps to have a running buddy and today that was Craig for some of it and Andrena for the rest. They both got me round.

I’ve hit 10,000 steps despite not moving that much from my desk today. I’ve also done another 18 hours and 17 minutes of fasting today.

Ellison brought me some lentil soup into work! It was sooooo good. I had her soup and I finished the last of my bean casserole! I’ve had my lentil soup tonight for dinner with some biscuits and cheese. My digestive system doesn’t know what’s hit it….. beans, lentils, vegetables…. You can imagine!

I didn’t feel quite right this morning though. I was super critical of myself. I doubted my thoughts and couldn’t make a decision for toffee. I stumbled over my words, I felt flustered and antsy. Thankfully it didn’t last much longer than a few hours.

I had my call with the doctor this morning.

Maybe that was the reason I was unsettled as you have to make sure you catch the call. They would ring any time between 11am and 1pm.

Anyway, it went well and she’s going to keep me on the same prescription until my next review in November. She has recommended that I go to the Mirena Coil appointment next week and discuss the fitting with them before they go ahead with it. That seems unfair in case we decide it’s not right for me. She said that’s ok and even if it feels very painful during fitting, I can still say I don’t want to go ahead. All fears quashed. 😆

She did question why we were having a 3 month review…. Eh because you said we would have a 3 month review. She reckons it must have been because I had such a bad reaction in the first month with all the tears and very heavy “bleed” 😳 no…. It’s still only because you said we would have one at the start. Anyway…. We got there in the end!

So I’m now being really rude, I’m in the village pub with the crochet hookers finishing this off because I’ve just had a big chat with mum!

Calaidh from earlier 🎾🎾🎾

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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