Day 997 FBF, coffee and cake followed by a party in the pub on New Years Eve-Eve 🥳🎊🎉🥳

It was torrential rain overnight last night…. The forecast was atrocious.

It was torrential when we got up for the Fit Body Farm. Craig drove this morning (thank you!) and the road was flooded so badly, most is the way. He just had to take his time.

There were only 8 of us today so we managed to work on the cardio machines instead of running outside… (thank you again!!!) We’d have been soaked. I wasn’t particularly feeling it today but I still worked hard.

We came home and had coffee…. Mine black obviously as still fasting and then ended up going back to bed, with the electric blanket on and 3 bounding puppers…. That w lady’s makes for a relaxing nap…. NOT!

I did get a nice warm hour though but fire I got up to meet Gayle, from the little gift shop at 11am.

We went to Mocha JaK’s (click link) at the end of our road for coffee and a cake!! Check the cakes….. Mint Rocky Road and White Chocolate Malteser slice. Uh-mAAA-zin 😋

We had a good natter and could barely move after all that cake.

I was just shy of my 16 hour fast when we met but that’s not the end of the world. I’m not going to let it change my life, just fit in around mine as best I can.

So back home to get ready for the Party in the Pub next door. One of the guys who grew up here, emigrated to Canada years ago and he’s back with his lovely family. We met him the first New Year we were here as he was over that year too. His wife sent out an invitation to the pub for this afternoon so we’re looking forward to it.

So much so….. I randomly got ready a whole hour early by mistake. 😂

I think because I was meeting Gayle, I had it in my head I would be in a rush. When I got home at 12.30 I assumed it was 1.30 and only had an hour to get ready….. so I’ve been sitting on the couch for 40 minutes now, dressed in black, trying not to attract any attention from the hairy creatures (no, not Craig 😂😂).

And just like that’s it’s 8pm!! I’ve had a lovely afternoon in the pub. Lots of laughter and chat. Lots of 0% pink gin and slimline tonic. I had to stop at the back of 6 as I thought I might burst! (also may have wanted to start my fast and not waste it just by drinking juice!) 😂

This is the only picture I got (me & Rachel two doors down!) and I’m not even looking at the camera. Didn’t even get a nice one with Craig and I. 😂

This time 3 years ago, Craig and I were camped out in John O’Groats about to start the North Coast 500 with the Overland Bound guys. We slept in a roof top tent and the dogs slept in the back of Craig’s Jeep.

Gonna be sooooo much warmer in my bed with the electric blanket on tonight!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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