Day 994 that weird time in between Christmas and New Year where no one really knows what to do….. but I’ll tell you about our Boxing Day! 😂

We’ve had a very lazy morning. It’s super icy here, the slushy snow froze about 7pm last night and despite a morning of rain, it’s still icy out there.

We had a lovely day with Mum and Dad yesterday. Of course I took lots of photos. 😂

Both Christmas Day and Boxing Day have just been 4 of us for the meal as our brothers and sisters had other plans. Today we are heading off to Alloa, to meet up with all of Craig’s family.

The drive over to Penicuik yesterday, was snowy on and off all the way. The Pentland Hills are up under those clouds!

Their Christmas tree was lovely too.

A lot better than the one Mum they had in 2020!!! that still makes me laugh!!

We did presents and got lots of lovely gifts.

Bhru was hoping for some snacks 😂

Oh and Craig has a bigger bauble than me….. 😂

We had a lovely Boxing Day dinner. I managed to get a bit of everything before I started my fast again at 6pm.

In between courses we sat and had a rest and got some Freya puppy cuddles.

Love these photos… I tried to take a photo of mum and dad in front of the tree and Bhru decided to get a look in.

Got a nice one though.

Then some group shots.

The puppers decided it was time to go home…. actually they really just wanted to go out a walk so Craig and Dad took them out just before we left.

I was watching the weather all day but actually missed the face that all the snow and rain had frozen over. But the time we left, it was like a skating rink.

I was sooooo nervous. Like driving Miss Daisy…. On one hand my eyesight was good and I wasn’t completely blinded by glare, on the other I was petrified of skidding… in a car I’m not used to driving.

We got home with any mishap whatsoever… of course we did. The back garden was like glass….

I’ve managed 20 hours of fasting today, which I actually can’t believe. I find it so easy. I said no to breakfast this morning and have only drink black coffee and lots of water. I had a bacon roll just before we left.

It’s a miserable day here today, so dark and wet. I’m driving home again tonight so am hoping it doesn’t freeze over again. I will be watching!!

I did forget to take my progesterone last night, for the first time. Need to remember to take it later. It makes you drowsy so I didn’t take it this morning when I remembered.

Sorry I do feel a bit like the blog is…. I went here, I went there, I ate this, I ate that just now. I guess that’s what life is over Christmas. I am tired but I’m enjoyed thinking of what to wear, putting makeup on and different jewellery. You know me, I don’t get out much so this is a wee change.

Hope you’re all having a lovely few days and if not, I hope you find some peace soon.

Stay safe everyone 🌲🎅🏼🤶🏼

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