Day 989 last day at Tartan for Christmas and Cinderella at the theatre 🎭

I was in bed for 8.30pm last night. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. Slept until 5.15am….. then tried my hardest to get back to sleep, but it was not to be.

Rumour has it I may have woken someone else up but I don’t believe that for a minute 🤷🏻‍♀️🙄😂

My head was buzzing with everything that needed doing today before we finished up.

I honestly don’t know where the day went. It didn’t stop…..

We were very lucky and got a Christmas bonus AND a bottle AND lunch!

I went out mid morning to buy the bottles and oh my word, Tesco was HEAVING. I have never seen the car park so busy. I had to queue to get in! I chose myself a bottle of 0% Gordon’s pink gin. 😁

I still can’t believe that I don’t drink at times like this…. The alcohol aisles were full to bursting. There were trolleys of drink to go out into the shelves. They were stocking up as fast as the shelves were emptying. It’s no wonder the alcohol industry doesn’t ever get pulled up for the amount of poison they pump into peoples bodies. Our country must make a fortune on the amount that they sell…. It’s still the only socially acceptable drug that people regularly push you to use.

Wow, that totally sums up my use of alcohol, I was constantly trying not to feel how wrong my life was. I used it to get me through my working week. I didn’t like who it made me become.

This next one makes me cringe but I’m putting it out there. I have to sit with every yucky feeling and feel every single bit of it now. That’s hard.

And finally…. I share this every year but it’s worth remembering.

Anyway, Christmas drinkers didn’t need a lecture from the newly sober me…. I was that person once.

In a few weeks it will be 4 years of alcohol free for me. Who’d a thunk it, as my Gran would say?!

Back to my day…. we were really busy and it was a good day…. We managed to shut up early and got away at 2pm. I stayed back to wash Abbie the Campervan too as she was filthy!

As I drove home I had a near miss as a car careered towards me on the A736. He was overtaking at a bit where the two white lines in the road indicate that it is ILLEGAL TO OVERTAKE!!!

The adrenaline really floods through you at times like that. He made it back into his lane just in time but I did to have to slam on the brakes.

Anyway, home safe and sound. Did a wee bit of last minute Tartan work and am now sitting writing this.

We have the theatre tonight. We’re going to see our neice, Marianna, perform in PACE Youth Theatre’s Cinderella. Looking forward to seeing her!

Im still intermittent fasting. I did an 18 hour and 15 minute fast overnight and up until lunchtime today. I find it really easy. I drink lots of water which is win, win. I feel so much less bloated and lethargic. It really works for me. Not sure how long I’ll be able to carry it on for, over the next few days but hey… I’m giving it a shot.

So that’s all for now folks… got an hour until I have to get ready and we’re watching the new Jack Ryan season on Amazon Prime so might just squeeze one of them in.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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