Day 979 and it just keeps getting colder ❄️❄️❄️

We’ve had a high of 0°C today (32°F). It’s been breathtaking outside.

It’s still so beautiful. The early morning frost is very thick and not a cloud in the sky at sunrise this morning.

We left the Christmas lights on overnight, by mistake… you’d think we had money to burn?!? 😂

The Fit Body Farm had gritted yesterday, but the paths had turned to ice by this morning. We got to work out indoors today but don’t reckon the temperature was much higher than outside.

It was a great workout but a few too many core holds for my minor stomach cramps’ liking. 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

Amazing colours when I left but I was so grateful to Craig for running back into the farm to leave me his head torch. It’s really dark when I leave and it really helps to see the ice before you slip on it!

As I stand here, there’s no sound. Nothing. Only peace and tranquility. It’s bitterly cold. I don’t my jacket or gloves on… but I could stand her all day and soak up the peace and those amazing colours.

I could have so easily stayed in bed today and missed this. I was almost begging Craig (in my on head!) to say he didn’t want to go… I had every excuse thought out. That I owed myself the rest.

Yet I went…. Had a good workout and saw all this. All before work!!

Work was busy as usual and actually passed in a flash. It’s almost dark again but the time I leave.

I went straight to Sports Direct to try and get my wetsuit changed. (remember the zip had burst last Sunday after only being worn once?!)

Craig’s been dealing with them online and getting nowhere so I thought a face to face would help.

It would appear not.

The retail outlet can’t take an online return.

The agreed the zip shouldn’t have broken so early on, agree that dealing with online is a nightmare, they gave me a phone number and wished me luck. 🍀

I think I might go straight to Trading Standards. 😂 a bit dramatic but hey I’m hormonal, it’s allowed.

I called mum on the way home from work and felt like I just moaned at her for ages. I actually ended the call by apologising and telling her I wasn’t feeling anywhere near as bad as I sounded!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 I was just in a right mumph… whatever that even is. I’m tired and hungry. 🙄

So I am home cooking leek and pesto pasta for dinner as I type this. Multitasking at its best. (There were times at work today when I couldn’t remember anything… it was comical… I looking up a customer in our system to find an invoice but… was actually going a google search….. 😳 it made me laugh!)

I’m going to be taking on some dog behavioural calls again for the next wee while to help out. Julie 3 jobs 😳 the blog might be a wee bit short on those days! Shame writing the blog doesn’t pay the bills 😆

Stay warm and safe everyone ❄️❄️❄️

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