Day 978 finally I get the reason for low mood… 🙄

Yup it’s here. My wonderful monthly cycle has arrived about a week or two late but hey, explains the tearfulness and the winter nesting.

I woke up a niggling cramp first thing this morning. It went away once I got up and started on the housework.

It’s another beautiful day and the sun is shining. I got most rooms cleared out and all the “junk” put back to where it belongs. It felt really good to be cleaning in my Christmas onesie. 😂

I cleaned the windows in the low winter sun. They were filthy! We can see out again!

Of all the flowers I got for my birthday, the white roses are still going strong. Thats 3 weeks now.

I had one bouquet of only white roses and some in another white and pink bouquet. The pink ones have died but I’ve joined the white ones together. They are beautiful.

I also finally disposed of my 50th birthday balloons.

At about 2pm I took Calaidh a walk up the hill. The sun is stunning.

She’s running around up there while I take photos and suddenly Rachel, two doors down, appears at wound the bend.

Calaidh and Nacho had lots of fun running around.

Calaidh always does this… jumps the wall and is waiting for basically…. nothing! She obviously expects me to throw something…. S’no happenin’ 😂

I stopped back in the house and picked up Freya. We went for another walk around the Gateside loop.

The setting sun was stunning.

I wanted to go to the beach for sunset but just not enough to actually do it. Plus the dogs needed walked.

As we headed home we saw Craig walking towards us with Bhruic! We got a wee pic!

I started typing…. So, if that was the weekend then we’ve had it….. what a negative thing to say, I’ve had a lovely relaxing weekend.

It may not have been what it was meant to be but it was lovely nonetheless. I missed the Tartan Christmas night out on Friday and the Fit Body Farm Christmas night out yesterday.

Both of them were at Golf Fang in Glasgow and I never got there yet. It was my choice. I’m not over the moon with my choice but it felt right at the time.

So here’s to a lovely week for you all…. Oh and Craig put our outside lights up!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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