Day 971 when life gives you burst zips, make the best of it ♥️

First things first…. Wild sea swimming this morning with Ellison and Eileen…. Did not happen because my wetsuit zip burst only 2nd time of wearing!!! I was gutted…

I took it all off again… no mean feat, and tried everything I could to get it zipped back up. Short of cutting the material and stitching it back up, there was nothing I could do.

There’s no way I could go in without it, remembering the freezing cold feet on Tuesday.

I sat about in my swimming costume for about 5 or 10 minutes trying to decide what to do. My alarm had gone off at 7.15am and I had read this when I woke up…..

Seriously… people often ask me how I can manage to write a blog on a daily basis…. The content just throws itself at me. As upset as I am at not being able to go swimming, it doesn’t need to ruin my day. I could have gone and sat with a coffee and watched them, but I though I might find that harder. I jumped back into bed for a bit… and put the electric blanket on as I had just been sitting around in a swimming cozzie and it’s very cold and frosty today! 😂

We finally got up and had coffee. We decided to use some of my birthday vouchers and head out to Mocha Jak’s, a coffee shop near us for breakfast. Thanks to Claire’s mum and dad for them! We took Calaidh.

I had Avocado Toast with tattie scones, halloumi and a fried egg with siracha sauce and Craig had the Mama Mocha breakfast.

Calaidh was a good girl.

She had doggy sausages. She then posed perfectly while I was paying at the till.

We both noticed that the staff were not very welcoming this morning. There weren’t many smiles which seemed a bit sad but maybe they were just tired after a very busy day yesterday. There was a Craft Fayre that may have had the run off their feet…. Then FB threw me this….

So very true. I thanked them profusely for lovely food with big smiles!!

We went for a walk around Spiers Old School Grounds, having been there in ages. Got a photo of my favourite gate.

The better photo is really the wall next to my favourite gate 😂

Back home and dropped Calaidh off and picked up Bhru and Freya and took the for a good run.

There are no photos, other than this lovely sky.

It’s really cold out there today so I’m in leggings and a Christmas jumper wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. I may have a nap.

Just have to tell you about our wreath making last night. The little gift shop girls went wreath making at McConnells florist in Beith.

I love my wreath…. it’s on the front door already!

The girls all made stunning wreaths.

Aren’t they beautiful?!?

I found it surprisingly easy to do and I really enjoyed it. We had a lovely wee snack in the middle too with sandwiches and cakes.

I left the florist about 9pm to drive back to Kilmarnock to pick Craig up… saved me going home first.

I really don’t like driving in the dark anymore. I used to hear people say that and couldn’t understand it. I do now.

Other than not being able to see well , I was even scared waiting for him in the van. It’s ridiculous really.

We were home by about 10.15 and I went straight to bed as ho early for sea swimming…. Aka fighting with a wetsuit.

Rachel two doors down is working on the village Christmas tree today. It’s such a beautiful tree from the Gateside Plant Centre, but sadly a huge section of the lights are not working. She’s having to order new lights…. It still looks lovely.

So not much else to report from here. Other than putting the washing away I will be ignoring the rest of the housework needing done.

It’s not long now until more holidays. Woop woop!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

One thought on “Day 971 when life gives you burst zips, make the best of it ♥️

  1. Love the wreaths 😊. Went out with our friend Mark last night in Windsor whose wedding we enjoyed at Rowallan Castle (near you!) in 2019. His wife Sandra’s family are from Fairlie near Largs. They live in Manchester now.. X


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