Day 970 Abbie the Campervan herded some sheep and other stories 🐏😆

It’s only 3.30pm and I’m having a lovely day. I had an amazing sleep. Woke up just after 4am and hadn’t even moved since 10pm. Managed to get back to sleep until 7.30am. Bliss.

I got stress get up andninto dog walking gear to walking the terrible trio before work.

It’s a lovely morning, it’s cool but not cold and dry. This is the sky at the bottom of the garden when we headed out.

The street was really quiet. I love being up and out when everyone else is still asleep.

It just got better.

The colours were just out of this world. I felt so lucky to be out there instead of stressing about waking all three dogs at once.

I never met a soul. Just me and the three degrees. 😂 These markings in the sky were really interesting. Wondered what caused it?

The road was really super muddy for some reason, so the dogs were filthy. I let them have a paddle in the burn. No meant dear down a hill on their leads. I did stay standing up straight 😂

The photos look fake but honestly there was no filter used. A morning like this fills me with so much joy. I feel bursting with excitement just looking at the sky.

I “think” this one shows the moon and two plane trails which seemed very close together.

Now in true Julie fashion, I bring you back down to earth with a bump, to tell you that through all this beauty the pups were pooping like no tomorrow and my poo bags kept splitting… I had to try and wrap each one as best I could, an honestly I do think I do pretty well in the circumstances. So many people seem to leave them out on the country roads. I ended up having to put them wrapped up in my pocket… 🤦🏻‍♀️😆 I was lucky that no poop escaped but still… brings some reality to the beautiful moment 💩😆

The little gift shop was great today…. Super busy. I love it when it’s so busy. So many lovely people buying Christmas cards and gifts. Lots of chat which you know I love.

There was also cake! (Bought from Gro Coffee last night!)

Back up the road and had to take Craig to Kilmarnock as he had an afternoon/night out with the boys.

I made him take this photo as I drove. It doesn’t do it justice. The clouds looked like they were pouring down out of that circle shape. Unusual.

As I drove home there were loads of sheep on the road in front of me! The sound of Abbie grumbling along the road sent them charging back into the field any way they could. It felt quite powerful to watch them all find their way. 🐏🐏🐏😂

I’m now sitting watching The Grinch as I write this. Bhruic is watching the tv!

I had a lovely time at Gro with the Menopause Mates group, now aptly renamed as the menopause maniacs!

I picked up Kirstin, who lives nearby so at least we weren’t arriving alone, but there was no need to worry. It was so lovely to meet everyone we’ve been chatting to on Messenger. We all go to the Fit Body Farm, but different classes, so might not ever meet up. It was so lovely to meet with girls who are all going through the same things and have a good old chat about the menopause.

I had a huge peppermint slice. It was exquisite!

Pic doesn’t do it justice!

We sat next to this beautiful tree.

I only have about 2 hours before I head back out Christmas Wreath making with the little gift shop girls! Really looking forward to it.

I have to go back and retrieve Craigie (or Merlin the happy pig 🙄) whenever he’s ready for collection…. after my wreath making. He’s under strict instructions not to be too late as I have wild sea swimming at 9am tomorrow!

It’s all go but I am smiling. A lot!

Stay safe everyone 🎄🎅🏼🤶🏼

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