Day 943 bad hormones 😢😢😢 but no time to think about it during Macmillan Cancer Support coffee afternoon💚💚

Oh jeez…. Someone remind me I thought this HRT malarkey might be a good idea… 😳

My emotions are raging and I’m all over the place.

I’ve noticed that I’m taking offence to everything, I’m overreacting and things that are said, I’m taking everything as a criticism from everyone. I am being very rude and defensive in my comments.

Then due to that I’ve found myself wobbling a fair bit. The tears are burning at the back of my eyes and can spill out at any moment.

I’ve cried on and off all morning, when I’m not crying I’ve tried to sleep. Craig’s escaped out to wood cutting this morning. He’s really good when I’m like this but he’s safer out of the way.

I have the Macmillan coffee afternoon in the village hall today but I’m not feeling like I can face anyone so I’m gonna hide in the kitchen.

I get some morning housework done through my tears, I may as well be productive. 😂

I know this isn’t the real me. I haven’t been this upset for a long time. It really is just the change in hormones.

Progesterone side effects are low mood and irritability. ✅✅

I head across to the hall for about 12.30pm and didn’t get back home until after 5. Judging by the amount of crockery I washed, it seems to have been a great success! Looking forward to hearing the total!

This cake was raffled. How lovely does it look?!

And here are some of the cakes…..

This was to die for……. ♥️

Also randomly felt the need to get a photo with this giant jar of Douwe Egberts coffee.

I still feel pretty fragile and I’m shattered but I went today, didn’t let anyone down, did loads to help and if it wasn’t for this blog, no one would really know what was going on in my head.

That’s why I write this, so many of us have difficulty with moods and emotions and we just never know. We can hide it so well.

We have the fire and candles on… saving power 😂 we have a tray of cakes to finish off though I’m not sure I can take many more. So much for the health kick today.

Hey, I can’t do it all.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

4 thoughts on “Day 943 bad hormones 😢😢😢 but no time to think about it during Macmillan Cancer Support coffee afternoon💚💚

    1. Well I definitely ate my fair share 😂😂 we have some wonderful ladies who bake in our village! We raised £2,500 today which is amazing. I’ve just heard. I’m so glad I went but equally glad I didn’t have to be out front serving… 🥺😂


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