Day 932 a fab workout, quick day at work and I picked up the HRT and started it before heading off to meet the Crochet Hookers 🧶

I slept like a log last night. It was a great sleep!

In my excitement to tell you all about the HRT last night I didn’t mention that the living room, kitchen and sunroom were shining like a new pin when I got home last night…. All signs of dog hair completely eradicated, well for 5 minutes at least. Craig had a cancellation at work and this was the result. Winner!

I had my lovely wee exercise class in the village hall last night. It was great fun, always puts a smile on my face and my knee behaved. I came straight home (across the main road so it’s hardly likely I’d go elsewhere), into the shower and then straight to bed!! Finally turned the lights out after 9.

Up at 5am sharp for the Farm and it was a good one this morning. My aches and pains seem to have diminished for now so I was ready for action!! What a difference from last week.

It’s a very autumnal morning.

It was pitch black at 7.30am when I left and there are no lights on at all…. It’s back to needing a head torch to get back to the car, it was SO dark….

When I did set off for work down the teeny tiny single track road…. My worst fear…. I met a milk tanker. 😱

There is nowhere to go but backwards and there is a car behind me.

Adrenaline literally washes right through me as the panic escalates until I almost can’t think straight. I’m on the phone (hands free) to Craig at the time and he calmly talks ne through it. I couldn’t see behind me as the trucks headlights were burning my eyeballs…… thankfully the car behind realises he needs to reverse as do I. Like wavy davy all over the road until I finally reach a passing place. I’m cringing and super anxious…. He’s past me and it’s over as fast as it happened but I’m still shaking. I’m nervous all the way to work.

Isn’t it sunny how simple things affect us like that. My body went into full fight or flight mode.

Thankfully the day has gone much better than that though randomly, she who doth not a hot flush get…. Has a beaming hot face most of the afternoon. It’s so hot it’s on fire.

I drove home via the chemist and I actually have HRT….. 🤗😆😊

Now I just need to figure out what I’m gonna do with it!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

For those who are interested I have Evorel 50 or oestrogen and Utrogestan 100 for progesterone. As a funny aside I love that my phone spell checker is like… yup she’s gonna type oestrogen again, progesterone this time…. So I don’t have to remember how to spell them 😆

My mood is good. I feel like I am taking control. I am going to start it tonight.

It’s a very autumnal evening too. I made dinner… not the healthiest but it’s tuna pasta bake… Craig just walked in the door as I swanned around my freshly prepared dinner, posing next to it and he said “check you and you’re not even on HRT yet…..” 😂😂 he told the dogs it was the first time I’d made dinner in 3 years…… lies I tell you…. All lies 😂

and played ball with the dogs.

In half an hour I’m off in the pub next door as it’s Hookers night.

Actually I just looked outside as I wrote this and spotted this lovely sky.

A lovely autumnal day!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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