Day 931 I had that call ☎️ ⛑️

Today is the day that I was prescribed HRT.

It was actually surprisingly easy and the doctor was super lovely.

For those of you who have been reading for a long time, you may remember the doctor that really listened when the depression got really bad and she kept in contact with me just before and just after Christmas just to make sure that I got through it, at that time.

I sent her a card when I felt much better to thank her to listening when so many other doctors hadn’t really heard my cry.

I don’t know if she would even remember that…. But she asked how I was just now.

I explained all of the symptoms I’ve been feeling over these last few months.

I told her that I know I’m not despressed and yet I still don’t feel like me. I told her that the old me never really returned after my depression. I feel like a shadow of my former self.

I told her that I was slightly concerned that it may only ever have been a lack of hormones that caused it all. So many women have said the same.

She very calmly explained that as a doctor, they get to see both sides of the coin. They see people who are suffering from clinical depression and people in need of HRT and they have to make the judgment of which medication to prescribe.

I told her that anti depressants had changed my life so I didn’t regret taking them but I didn’t feel that I needed to be prescribed more.

She told me that they were a Surgery that were very supportive of HRT. Since I am 49 (she won points for not saying “nearly 50”) then I will be peri-menopausal and the symptoms I have listed are very common.

She asked if I had hot flushes ❌

Did I have poor sleep quality ❌

So she agreed that she would like me to trial HRT for the next 3 months and we will have a follow up call to see how it’s going.

She has prescribed oestrogen patches to be changed twice a week and a progesterone tablet to be taken at night for a fortnight on and a fortnight off. This is because I’m still peri menopausal and not menopausal. Once I hit menopause the progesterone would be daily. I think. it’s exactly what I hoped for.

So it’s body identical cyclical HRT.

I am excited to start this new journey and see what unfolds. I am hopeful that the extra hormones make a difference to my Brian fog and forgetfulness. (Yip I noticed it says Brian fog and not brain fog as I read that back and it was too funny to change it! It actually sums it up completely. 😆)

I hope that I can gain my old confidence back and stop hiding.

Let the journey begin. Tomorrow. When I get the prescription 😆

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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