Day 925 I made the call ☎️ 👩🏻‍⚕️

Well I remembered. Thanks to everyone who messaged to spite me into action. I’m so saddened by some of your stories yet heartened by those who feel like new women.

I have a telephone appointment call on Tuesday between 11 and 1. Better prep for that at the weekend to make sure I’m not caught out when she calls and fluster my way through it.

It will be the middle of my working day so here’s hoping I’m not with customers during that time. Even that part is difficult to negotiate is t it. You have to wait for a cal over a 2 hour period. I am not complaining just stating how it is.

So, head held high, back straight and present her with the facts. Need to make sure I have my list with me as I’m sure my head will empty at the time when I most need it.

My doctors surgery only allow you to talk about HRT to the 2 female doctors that job share. One is on holiday this week and the other, sadly, can’t make it into work today and they are not sure when she’ll be back.

So Tuesday it is.

In other news I finally managed back to the Fit Body Farm this morning. My knee or more likely, leg is still not right. I have twinges of a cramp as I move around but it wasn’t the pain that I’ve been feeling. It was dark the whole work out today…. What a difference a few weeks makes at this time of year. The sunrise was just starting when I left at 7.30am.

The sky was a lovely pink.

By the time I got to work it was much more orangey red…. Here is my cuddly toy selection including Waverley Bear, showing off the sunrise.

And a zoom in….. just beautiful!

I had a mad rush after work. Quick trip to Asda which turned into a random pointless wander around a supermarket… I was so tired, I couldn’t think straight at all and each aisle just bought more confusion. I got to £60 odd quite easily but I’m not sure any of it goes together. I did the scan and go…. And I was selected for a random Shop scan at the checkouts.

The first thing she scanned in my trolley… I hadn’t scanned. The old me would have burst into tears. This calm, but tired, me just shrugged… and smiled and said sorry, rolled my eyes at my lack of concentration.

I rushed home and Craig had made dinner, which was very lovely of him as I had a half hour before I headed out to the village pub for the crochet hookers weekly meet up!

I’m off to crochet! 🧶

Busy day. Will sleep tonight!!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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