Day 916 World Mental Health Day 2022 🌍🗺️

Lets normalise talking about mental health.

Let’s stop hiding behind closed doors saying “poor Mrs so-and-so has bother with her nerves”.

That’s one of the main reasons for my blog. To talk about the things we don’t talk about. If I can help one person who’s struggling with their mental health, to realise they are not alone, then it’s worth it.

If you have someone off sick from work just now, message them… it might just make their day to know you are thinking of them.

I’ll keep banging that drum!!

We were very saddened today to hear about the passing of one of Craig’s work colleagues.

He was super fit and healthy yet collapsed while out on a run.

Just a stark reminder of how short life is. What a shock to hear that today.

I didn’t go to the Farm this morning. My knee’s still sore and it was lovely to have the wee extra lie in.

I’m still very calm and relaxed and loving the lack or reaction to things. Long may this continue 😬😂

It’s funny how some days a simple thing can light the blue touch paper and yet other days there’s just nothing. I do feel tired after a busy weekend so looking forward to a quiet night tonight with some Biofreeze on my knee and maybe some foam rolling of the old leg muscles…. Just saying that makes me cringe. I hate foam rolling when I most need it 😂😂

I’ve been super healthy today and really need to make more effort to stop shovelling junk again. I don’t think that helps my knee at all.

We are very careful about what we feed our dogs and put a lot of research into that, to keep them healthy.… yet just eat anything we can get our hands on.

I should say that Craig has a code for free Butternut Box for dogs if anyone is interested in trying it? We’ve fed our dogs this for years and it’s great…. Maybe I should eat some of that?!? 😂😂

They’re worth a look. They get a great nutritional rating. While I just eat carbs and sugar and more carbs and sugar. I’m not giving my body a chance.

So I’m back on it…. Counting down the days in my 49th year…. 😱😱😱

This next one stuck at my heart strings ♥️😂

I made cauliflower cheese for dinner today… cauliflower and leek cheese…. It was super tasty and I enjoyed making it rather than just opening a bag of crisps or some chocolate.

Hug your loved ones a bit closer tonight ♥️

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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