Day 914 a very busy morning at the shop and Dad’s 70th party 🎉

I was awake at 5am but tried to sleep until 7. I didn’t drink enough yesterday so was really dehydrated and woke with a thumping headache.

I’ve also really hurt my right knee again. I reckon it has to be diet related as I’ve not been eating well and the lack of water yesterday must count for something. i also did walk a lot last night when I went to the shops.

I was out with the dogs for sunrise. It’s a beautiful morning.

Back home for coffee and a quick shower as I was working at the little gift shop this morning at 9.30am.

What a lovely busy morning we had. So much lovely chat. It’s really helping me get to know people that I recognise or know of but have never been introduced to.

It was super busy and at one point we even had a big queue! Gayle is a trained florist so her wrapping skills are second to none. I hope no-one asks me to wrap anything…. It’ll be like a dogs breakfast being served up! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😂

So I only worked until 12.30 and Craig picked me up from work in Abbie the camper van as his car was still in the garage. We drove down there to get it and it’s still not fixed!! Picked it up, back to the house to get ready and I am stressed out my box. I knew I would be today as it’s a lot to fit in to one day already without the car being stuck in the garage. We’re on our way now but are going to be late. That never sits well with me but it is what it is.

We’re heading to Penicuik for Dad’s 70th. We’re having a wee get together with mum and dad, my brother, sister in law and nephew. Our lovely neighbours have the con with the 3 hairy hounds. They are moulting just now and honestly the dog hair is EVERYWHERE!

My leg after dog walk!!!

I actually think I’m going to put the blog out now so that I don’t have one other thing to have to do today other than relax and enjoy time with family.

Happy Saturday!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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