Day 904 my Dad’s 70th birthday! 🎉🎊🎁♥️

So yeah, my dear old Dad is 70 today! He says it will come to us fast!!

I didn’t go to the Farm this morning as I was too tired after last nights Zumba and Kinesiology, and was late in bed. While I had my lie in, I dreamt I was at my old work and trying to avoid people in the corridors that I didn’t want to see…. Where on earth did that come from!!?! Would have been as well at the Farm!

The lie in did give me a chance to send all the messages I had to send to my dad. Mum and dad are away on holiday so they won’t see anyone today so I wanted to make it a bit different.

We used a thing called Vidday to make a video montage, so Mum and I got friends and family to record a short clip and for £7 Vidday add music to it and make it look professional. It’s a really lovely way to say happy birthday to someone you can’t see on their big day.

We FaceTimed after work and they’ve had s lovely day.

I’ve had a thumping headache, which has eased a bit now I’m home. I’ve been so ditsy again today but actually got through my list at work so can’t complain, even if I did drop almost everything I touched today. 😆 I’m off to crochet shortly then I’ll have a nice early night in the hope I can recharge.

We’ll celebrate with Dad when they’re back from holiday!

Huge happy birthday Dad!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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