Day 903 just one of those days….. 🤯😴

I was such a dither before I left for work today. I just couldn’t string a single thought together…. I’d slept really well but it took me so long to get out the door. I couldn’t think straight at all. I kept forgetting things and walked from room to room until I was finally ready to leave.

This pic summed it up early on.

Smoothie prep!! (Donna don’t try this one!)

I got stuck behind a bus on the way to work, it stopped in front of me twice. I remember thinking how strange that was…. I’ve never seen a bus stop on this road before.

I glanced at the clock….

No wonder!!!! I was two minutes late… and other than the bus I had no clue.

Except I tell everyone…. 😬

My head was thumping and has been for most of the day. I’ve had lots of water. Even a salad for lunch (not to mention the cheese toastie thrown in to the mix!)

I am craving sugar, desperate for energy.

Somehow the tin of coffee jumped down onto the floor and spilled just after 8am in the office…. On the plus side I had reason to hoover. I honestly was nowhere near it when it fell. Boss says the porta cabin is haunted and he didn’t want to tell me…. Bring it on poltergeist. I’m ready. 🥊🥊🥊🥊

I went out into the van at lunchtime and had a 7 minute nap. Eyes shut, alarm set and I felt so much better for it.

I had wanted to do a 10 minute meditation like I did at lunchtime yesterday but I couldn’t get signal.

Of course I never slept but I approached the afternoon differently. I set my mind to getting through work and getting it done rather than thinking about how tired I felt!

I have a busy evening. I have this new exercise class in the village hall at 6.45pm (incidentally I had to type exercise about 5 times to get the spelling right…. 🤯) then I have kinesiology at 7.45pm. I have to wheech across the road and upstairs to be ready. I have an hour before the class so I could just take a wee nap just now.

I thought to myself today. I am so tired of being me. What an awful thing for anyone to say. I do feel like I make everything such hard work all the time. I just want a day of sweetness and light, don’t we all…. and I’ve been lucky enough to have brought it round several times today but I’m having to work at it.

This exercise class is gonna blow all the cobwebs away and have me beaming from ear to ear like it did last week. i just know it will.

Bring… it… on.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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