Day 895 the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II 👑🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

There’s an lovely silence in our streets today as most have us have been given the day off for the Queen’s funeral. It’s a reminder of life during COVID when everyone stayed home.

I got up at 5am for the Fit Body Farm and it was surprisingly busy. It was a good, fun workout this morning, in teams, which always means you work a wee bit harder than normal.

I started watching the BBC at 9.30am and it’s 1pm and I’m still sitting here. What a moment in history.

It proudly starts with matching pipe bands from all around the world. I should say that all photos are courtesy of the BBC, photographed from the TV.

I just think this is so special. They march in their pipe band vertically (if that makes sense) so you see all the different bands from the front. Wow.

The Queen’s coffin sits on a 123 year old gun carriage and is pulled by 98 Royal Navy Sailors with a further 40 Sailors marching behind to act as the brake.

The tradition was started after Queen Victoria’s funeral in 1901 where some horses were spooked and almost toppled her carriage. I thought that was fascinating. The carriage was set aside in 1901 and was used for her Father’s funeral… King George VI.

The procession assembled at the Palace of Westminster where the coffin has been as the Queen lay in State for the last 4 days and was moved to the gun carriage.

King Charles III apparently had a say in the flowers that were chosen for the top of then coffin. They are lovely.

The Queen is then taken to Westminster Abbey for her state funeral.

It was a very dramatic, religious service. Very moving and I’m sure the Queen would have loved it. I used to be in a church choir and I’ve sung most of those hymns and anthems before so it’s a huge trip down memory lane for me.

There wasn’t a single foot put wrong all day. The choreography of the day was amazing to someone who hadn’t watched any of this kind of thing before.

After the service they had a mile long funeral procession. Solemn but not gloomy as many people clapped for her life of service and achievement. I can’t believe that so many members of the Royal Family walked behind her coffin all of that way. I doubt the King and his family have ever been able to walk the streets like that before.

Here she is passing the Senotaph where she attended Remembrance Sunday so many times.

Passing Buckingham Palace for the very last time. So many occasions she spent up on that balcony over most of her life.

Finally passing through Marble Arch.

And finally being transferred from the carriage to the car to be taken back home to Windsor Castle where she will be interred in St George’s Chapel.

I’ve been so affected by the death of our Queen. Ive found it really sad and really loving. I

’ve spoken to so many people who start the conversation with “I’m not a Royalist, but……” I couldn’t agree more.

I said before, the Queen gave us a respect in the world that I fear we might not see again. It is time for change. Let’s see what that holds.

Stay safe everyone 👑👑👑

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