Day 888 the Queen’s coffin is travelling through Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 💔

I want to start by talking about the Queen’s travel through Scotland today because it’s taken up so much of my day.

Her coffin left Balmoral Castle this morning and is making its way through our lovely country on its way to Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh.

The trip is due to take 6 hours and you’ll see from my Google maps that it should only take about 2 and a half. It looks like it will take even longer than that as they are currently south of Perth.

Here they are leaving Balmoral which must have been a very sad event for the people that live around there. The Queen leaving Balmoral for the very last time.

They accept that the Queen lives there in the summer and comes and goes more normally than she would be able to do in London.

I’m so emotional about it. It’s so poignant. I keep crying but can’t stop watching. I am blown away by the amount of people lining the sides of the roads and the amount of cars slowing or stopping on the other side of the road.

These farmers near Banchory in Aberdeenshire lined the fields beside the road in tribute.

This feels like such a historical moment that I don’t want to miss any of it and yet I’m not sure the focus on it is that good for me. (😂😂 there I go again!!)

The pageantry of the Proclamations of King Charles III, as King, by all 4 countries of the United Kingdom have also happened today.

I have been more Royal today than I have ever been….. I don’t think I’ve felt this affected by something Royal since Prince Charles married Diana….. and that was some time ago!!!

Honestly, I think it’s the reminder of my own grandparents, particularly Gran who would have followed all of this.

Anyway…. In other news, I had a lovely night away and was lucky enough to have a lovely sunset down on the beach. It amazes me that there’s a whole campsite of people and I seemed to be the only one who seemed to go down and sit and watch the sunset.

I sat here for a while and watched this wee guy!

The Isle Of Arran in the setting sun.

It was beautiful. So peaceful, so quiet, not a soul, just me. I sat for a while, wandered for a while and just kept looking for the best shot. It was a really special time.

And then the seagulls decided to move…. And boy there were millions of them.

If I could include video, then I would! It was quite apocalyptic when they all decided to fly over me at once. Go check out my Instagram page as I posted it there! Sooo loud!

I left my painted stone on the path to the beach….

So that some other lovely person can appreciate it. I was randomly sad leaving it as it’s been on our hallway for a good few weeks now!

I got up at 7am and headed out for sunrise this morning. It was equally beautiful.

Again, so beautiful….. but not silent int he slightest. This is at the end of the Prestwick Airport runway…. The noise as a plane takes off is pretty something…. I lost post that to Insta too!! check the plane just above the caravans!!!

So a lovely night and morning and a very thoughtful day watching the Queen’s cortège.

She’s just arriving in Edinburgh now. Awww I really wish I was there.

“The Queen is different. There was a respect for the Queen that the modern day monarchy doesn’t command. She transcended the institution as a whole”. People just want to say thank you. this was all from the BBC but I thought they were lovely words.

I quite honestly haven’t batted an eyelid at anything she did for most of her life…. And yet here I am… blubbing away with the dogs. That’s to Craig for taking this horrific shot but here it is… warts and all.

Sitting on my Gran’s crochet blanket. should say all these shots are from the tv….

A historical day for Scotland.

Fitting that I had a trip of sunset and sunrise…. No matter what happens in life you can rely on the fact that the sun will set on the day and rise on the next.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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