Day 884 I’m tired tonight….😴

Jeez I could just go to bed and sleep and it’s only 6.22pm and I have crochet tonight at 7pm.

I woke at 3.24am this morning and then tossed and turned until the alarm at 5am.

My headlights are stuck on main beam at the moment so I need a new indicator and headlight stalk…. It seems to be a common fault with Transporters so I had to drive very tentatively this morning. There’s a sweet spot you can hold the stalk and get the full beam off but it’s a very fine line between that and flashing your headlights so either way someone gets a blast of light if my hand slips or I drive over a bump. I talked my way through it this morning and congratulated myself when I got it right and passed someone without dazzling or blinding them! Hard work though!

The sunrise was beautiful as we ran around the Farm this morning. No photos as we working out at the time but I was so tempted to go and get my phone, it was a really deep red. The above photos were taken closer to 7.30am.

On the way home tonight a wee family of stoats crossed the road in front of me, one after the other as if in a conga chain!

I obviously couldn’t take a photo but it was the cutest thing ever….. their wee legs all running like crazy to cross the busy road… thankfully they made it!

Took the pups out for a walk after work and the clouds were lovely.

I want to see something in this next cloud but I’m not sure 🤔 a mouse maybe?!

So that’s all from me. I’m off into crochet tonight as I said with my wee baby cardigan that I’ve been crocheting. I am not a fan of any thing baby but it’s the first pattern I’ve followed so I’ve enjoyed the concentration required to make it.

A change is as good as a rest!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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