Day 872 out of the office until Monday 5th September!! ðŸðŸŒŠðŸš

Well that’s come as much of a surprise to me as it has to you! Who knew I would have this much time off?!?

I wanted a break end August, start of September, as we’ve not been off since June and I’d booked Monday and Tuesday.

At the start of the week I decided to add Wednesday just because the weather forecast was looking good…. Then someone pointed out I was only working Thursday next week and that seemed daft so I thought I’d just book that off too. So here I am, 10 days off work without even planning it! Surprise!

As Craig said that’s long enough to go abroad but hey, I have zero plans so far. Craig’s only off for the next 3 days and his car is accumulating a huge bill in the garage so we’ll be staying home this weekend.


Maybe this would be a good idea during my holiday!…. Get my S.H.I.T. together…. 😂

I feel like I got everything organised before I left but I know there will be loads that I missed. I made a few stupid mistakes again today. I’ve been much more tired today strangely, for no reason. At least I fixed the mistakes, one of them about 5 minutes after I made it 😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

So Craig had to come and pick me up in Abbie the camper van tonight and I had a lovely 1/2 hour massage at Harmony in Beith . Norma worked her wonders! I could sleep for Scotland now, it was so relaxing. Although a half hour is way too short.

So who knows what the next week will bring but I’m hoping for some sunshine and a continued optimism. Just living in the moment, taking each day as it comes and enjoying it to the max.

Stay safe everyone ♥️🥰♥️

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