Day 870 a wee tinge of anxiety when things don’t go my way…. but a super lovely evening to end the day! ♥️

I’ve got loads of very thoughtful and positive memes to share today.

We’ve just had one of those days where plans had to be rearranged at the last minute as things didn’t go quite as planned…. But I’ll get to that.

A funny thought to start with…. I drive through a wee village called Drybridge to get to work. It has a humped back bridge that goes over the railway and despite having a large river run into it, there’s no need for a bridge over the river as it’s a huge u shape… hence the name Drybridge. Jeez that was a long, dull story!!

So this morning when I approach the traffic lights on the bridge I saw a brush sticking up over the other side. It made me smile… as it seemed pretty random…. simple things eh?!? Tonight when I left… heading the other way… the same, or another brush stuck up on the back of a truck. What are the chances?!?

Anyway…. I’ve had a good day at work, busy, focussed…. But Craig’s car is in the garage for an ABS fault and the part has to be sent away to be reconditioned. It might take 5 days!! So we’re back to a one van family for the short term! I had to dash home from work to let Craig get out to work. I had to rearrange my plans to meet my friend tonight. We had finally arranged to meet in Gro Coffee in Irvine for the first time in ages….

So now…. Aileen is winging her way to my house instead, with her daughter Kirsty, and Craig has rustled up a vegan lasagne, (K is vegan) he’s a good lad!

I’ve had to run round like a maddie since I got home to try and bring the house up to presentable.

I definitely stressed at all of that and yet sitting here now, I’m as cool as a cucumber.

It took a couple of hours but I got there!

Oh in between all that I realised the home insurance was due up tonight and renewal was extortionate so we had to sort that between us before Craig left. He cancelled the old one while I found a new one. Been meaning to do that for AGES….. obviously!

I’m also not an entertainer…. I have realised this on my journey through life…. It brings a level of anxiety as I have to be on my game. I rarely feel in control enough to be on my game. I can write this because Aileen will totally understand. She’s one of my oldest friends… in years… not age 😆😘🥰 we don’t see much of each other these days but I always know that she’s there and I hope that she knows that about me too. We always enjoy each other’s company so much and will say after this that we should do it way more often. Yet life catches up with us.

So we deserve a round of applause for getting our shit together enough to organise tonight!! Craig deserves a HUGE round of applause for coming to the rescue with vegan lasagne!

It’s 9.30pm and I have had the loveliest evening.

The lasagne was great! We had vegan desserts from the Co-op and Nosecco.

It was so good to see them both and have a good catch up. Kirsty heads off to Australia next week for a year and I’m so pleased that she’s doing that. It’s such an amazing experience and one that she will remember for the rest of her life.

It just shows you that you don’t need to see people often to know that they are there and appreciate them being a part of your life.

I managed to smash my lovely engraved “Julie” Nosecco glass (its a champagne flute style but it feels wrong for me to call it that….😆) while I was tidying up but hey… that’s just life keeping me grounded. Dammit.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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