Day 867 a beautiful day by the Loch after a very wet night! ☀️🚣🏽‍♀️

The rain was torrential overnight last night. We were forecast to get 15mm and considering I’m already parked in a puddle, I did go to bed a wee bit anxious 😬

Thankfully my body didn’t listen to my head and I was out for the count until 8am. I heard the rain on and off but managed to keep falling back to sleep. Was super comfy!

I only stayed up until 10pm as I couldn’t stop yawning after a busy day of doing precious little!

Visiting my neighbour Craigie last night 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️😆

We had croissants and coffee for breakfast.

Then headed across to Milarrochy Bay for a dog walk. It’s a beautiful morning and the forecast is for sun all day. Its really windy though!

I was going for a photo of the stones with the mountains when it was dive bombed by a passing Freya! I caught it perfectly.

The burns are all swollen from last nights rain.

The famous tree I got at sunset the other night.

Loved this next shot though they are all a bit far away. This was a beautiful beach and we spent some time letting them play around here.

Here come the girls….

The Loch is so inviting. I’d love to do cold water swimming sometime. Just not enough to actually get in the water and get cold! I’m sure it will be my next thing though!

There’s a lovely heat to the sun.

The dogs had a blast. Freya never actually goes in the water, just runs around like a maddie while the others do!

Leave no trace! It’s sad to see the amount of bottles that are left lying around after someone’s night out. Would have cleared it up if I’d had bags with us. This next pic shows where we were and now gone!

The walk back to the campsite.

Love the rock formation heading into the water.

There are loads of trees with exposed roots around here.

So I am now sitting here writing this. I wish I could say it was peaceful but the wind is blawin’ a hoolie.

The noise is raising my anxiety levels. Calaidh keeps barking and trying to get down to the water, she keeps tangling round my seat. Then she got hold of a bramble branch, covered in thorns and proceeded to chew it cutting her gums and then wouldn’t let it go… for me, that is… truth be told my anxiety takes over and I don’t even think that a small piece of food would change her focus. Only get carried away by the drama of her cutting the inside of her mouth…. I’m not going inside the van as Craig is watching the football and the noise of that has the same effect as the wind at times. I’ve been so calm this time and yet I feel myself getting properly wound up. By noise. Go figure.

I know it sounds ridiculous but I swear it’s a thing.

I’ve actually just put my hood up and that has helped a wee bit. I also put Calaidh and Freya in the tent for a bit to have a sleep. I know I need to calm down.

I almost had a nap with my hood up, it really did help. Thankfully the wind has died down to a gentle breeze and I’m back down to earth again.

I am usually very stressed camping with the 3 dogs and worry about every eventuality. I’ve not felt like that this time as I have done some work on it through Health Kinesiology. I’m not sitting here with dread that the worst case scenario might happen and that feels really good. Yet with every small gain something else rears it’s head that needs some working on. I still don’t like not being fully in control of everything I do. When I’m on my own I can control that. When you have 3 wet, muddy dogs, things aren’t always as perfect as I might want them to be. I know that dirty things will clean but the noise of the wind just blew it all out of proportion for me.

This makes me smile though…. Craig’s away to the toilet block. They have not moved since he left.

I like this waiting game we are playing.

I am crocheting.

I am calm.

Just created a few hours of drama to get to this stage.

Happy Saturday!

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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