Day 866 still by yon bonnie banks 😆

It’s 11.30am and I’m sitting right here, right now, writing this.

I didn’t have the best sleep but then I left the 5am alarm switched on so I’ve been up since then. It’s different having a dog with me. I have to be a little less selfish and a bit more responsible.

Last night I got a notification on my phone that Aurora Borealis was on Red Alert 🚨 at 20.53…. I was already in bed and actually hummed and hawed but had to get out of bed to check. Wasn’t lucky enough to see anything but it’s the closest I’ve been to somewhere without light pollution when there was a red alert!

So this morning, We lay and read… well one of us did, until 6.30 then I got ready to take her out. The heavens opened…. But only for a minute. Think we woke the ducks! Just wait till Calaidh and Freya get here!!

We managed a lovely walk along a stretch of the West Highland Way, turning left out of the campsite instead of turning right down ti Milarrochy Bay.

It’s sad that since COVID, signs like this are necessary to stop people “wild camping” wherever they feel like it.

Scotland introduced the “right to roam” back in 2003 and the way things are going I fear this could be taken away from us.

So many people quote “freedom of access” but everyone and their auntie are trying to camp everywhere just now. Locals are up in arms at hoards of camper-vans outside their houses at local beauty spots… there are people pitching tents along our beaches and think it’s wild camping.

Now as you know, she who cannot upset anyone intentionally gets very bent out of shape at this. I can’t believe where some people stop and park their van, get their awning out and think it’s ok.

There were 2 vans in Portpatrick last Saturday that were parked right next to the no overnight parking sign! I just couldn’t!

They were both at great access paths to the sea and I sooooo wanted to walk into their “pitch” and head down to the sea right in front of them. If they can stop where they like then I can walk where I like.

Ooooooh now where did all that come from?!?!? I’m envious of their lack of concern where my mind would work beyond overtime on that. It’s exactly that. I am way too considerate of others, maybe at the detriment of myself?

Anyway, back to our walk!

I spotted some flowering Scottish Heather for the first time in ages. Just this one tiny patch.

Loved this old bridge. Bhru stopped to have a play in the water!

Then back into the campsite with Abbie the Campervan in the distance!

So we’ve had a very lazy morning since we got back. I’ve read some more, had a nap, it rained on and off and then the sun came out so we’re out at the side of the Loch soaking up the atmosphere.

I did my first voiceover Instagram post today. I rambled all over the beauty and sounds of the water lapping at my feet. I may do a few more, who knows.

Ok so some early afternoon drama. Was sitting reading wondering why so many caravans seem to be driving out of the site at midday up to one o’clock. Wondered if they had late check out?! Is that even a thing? It would appear not….. so I watched a guy drive out of the site and turn left earlier on…. Seemed strange as left takes you up to Rowardennan and a dead end. I wouldn’t want to be driving a caravan up there….

Then I watched another one turn up left to Rowardennan but he didn’t take the corner wide enough and I heard a sickening crack as he scraped along the gate post to the the left hand side of the entrance.

My anxiety goes into full overdrive…. I feel a gulp of emotion welling up inside me. I struggle to swallow it down. I am almost in tears for them. My mind races around every scenario…. How can I possibly get them out of their predicament. The man is angry. He is raging when he sees what he has done and shouts out loud.

I sit for a bit and then think I’ll go and offer some morale support. Let them see they’re not alone… I would like someone to do that for me in that situation.

Instead I find a couple very angry at the campsite!!!! For turning them away as it’s not 1pm yet… “I don’t know what this campsite is coming to….. it’s been going downhill for the last 3 years… not like it used to be…. Rules keep changing and no-one tells us”…. Like wow mate…. You drove out of here angry because they wouldn’t let you on site…. you’re here before 1pm. You didn’t take the turning properly and that’s all the campsites’ fault?!?

I ran to reception to get someone to help and he got it both barrels.

I heard myself say… “I’m sorry but that’s not fair, the boy just works here and follows the rules as they are laid out, he came straight away when I asked for help”…. I stopped short of saying you drove away angry and caused all of this yourself.

They both then started on about how they were turned away at reception and quite frankly, I can understand why they may have been met with a frosty reception the way they were speaking. It was so entitled.

So I guess the moral of my story is…. That couple are going to go away mouthing about the campsite and how it’s gone down hill… blah blah and making up a huge dramatic story to cover up the fact that he drove away angry and didn’t take the corner properly. End of.

It’s left a horrible taste in my mouth. I only went to help. The poor lad says they get that all the time from people. What a shame eh?

The ducks here are not shy at all… they don’t even disappear when the dogs are around!

Mid afternoon Craigie arrived so he’s all set up now and it’s lovely to have some company…. Other than Bhruic and ducks…

While he was setting up it’s started pouring again…. it made for a lovely pic in the rain!

The colours are amazing!

So I’ve done very little today…. Lots of reading and moving inside and outside the van weather dependent. We’re sitting outside now in the evening sun and just had fish fajitas for dinner.

The rain is to be pretty epic early doors tomorrow but hoping for a bright day from about 10am. We might be swimming by then but hey… the joys of Scottish camping!

Happy Friday night!

Stay safe everyone 🚐☀️🌧

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