Day 856 the day Craig nearly blew up the village 🙄🔥🧯

Now I should say I was not here so this is not really my story to tell but hey….. I’ve had another calm and in control day, the sun’s been shining all day so I have little else to say. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So….. we had a shed… well we had 3 but now we only have 2.

It was here.

It no longer is there.

My house stinks of smoke. We woke one neighbour who was sleeping after night shift. We set off another’s smoke detectors and two neighbours pretty much came running to see what was wrong.

The morale of the story….

Don’t try to burn down your rat infested shed where it stands. Break the tinder box down into pieces and burn them separate sections. Here endeth…..

Judging by the look on his face when he says he would NEVER do that again, I think it’s safe to say it was pretty dramatic. He had to put the flames out, break it down and burn it all separately.

The outcome is as we hoped though. Infested shed is no more. Thankfully he is still in one piece and everything else is too.

Safe to say we don’t have the kind of temperatures they have done south. Nowhere near. We still have very green grass and the ground isn’t bone dry. Just as well really!

So that’s todays excitement. There really has been nothing else….. my anxiety free life doth not an exciting blog make.

Saying all that I’ve had a lovely evening sitting out in the sun next door celebrating lovely Louise’s amazing exam results with her family and friends. She did soooo well. She’s such a lovely girl and we’re all so very proud of her.

It’s been a lovely evening. It’s 8.35pm and I’m still in shorts!

Love me some summer. ☀️☀️☀️

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