Day 852 FBF, dog walks, engagement ring repaired and haircut!! 💇🏻‍♀️

I feel like I’ve not done much today and yet that title would suggest that I have.

It was a lovely morning at 5.30am though I’m very conscious of the darker nights and mornings…. Stop winter coming, we’ve not had summer yet!!

Craig drove to the Fit Body Farm this morning which allowed me to take a million photos of the sky… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

I spotted this random small rainbow.

Visible all the way to the Farm, it was right at the end of the Main Street in Dunlop.

That’s us back to being up before sunrise again…. Uh oh….

But the early morning sky is stunning.

I know I’ve shared this picture a thousand times too but before the session at the Farm…


And after….

The Farm was hard this morning but a great session. As usual on a Friday I came home and walked the dogs. Bhru and Freya first and then Calaidh.

The sky is cloudy and quite dramatic.

So the only plans with have this weekend is my haircut at 1.30pm today… so I’m at a bit of a loss… I “could” weed the garden or go for a food shop or go away for the night or clean the house or….. I decide to go up to Braehead Shopping Centre as my engagement ring has been repaired under warranty and is ready for collection.

It’s never quite sat right in its setting so I’ve to keep an eye on it this time and pop past the jewellers to let them check it any time I’m nearby. It’s good to have it back even if my hands look like those of a 102 year old lady when I try to take a pic of it…. 🤣🤣

That’s the photo that looked the youngest photo I managed and you can’t actually see the setting at all…. 😳🤣

One thing I did want to share…. Primark is doing a range by Greggs?!

A quick explanation for any non UK readers…. The lovely Cheryl-Lynn for a start! Primark is a bit like Target and Greggs is a bakers…. They do filled rolls, cakes, sandwiches and some have takeaways and some have cafés….. 😳

So why…… is there a range of clothing dedicated to Greggs?!? And who is it targeted at?

Profusely apologise to anyone who’s already bought any of it…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

So bizarre!

So back home as my hairdresser Elaine lives in the house opposite us!

So todays been a good day. No drama, no overthinking. Nothing to report really.

Going to make chicken fajitas for dinner and just opened a Rosè Nosecco.

Happy Friday night folks.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

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