Day 767 first solo night away in Abbie the Campervan 🚐🏕🏔

I had the best sleep last night! Slept right until the 6.30am alarm. That’s only because I wanted to be up a bit earlier of course… 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

I had to finish packing the van AND drive to the Fit Body Farm to pick up my water bottle which I’d left yesterday…. Not the end of the world you might think but I do use it all the time and wanted it for my weekend away. Note to self…. Actually go and drink out of it now while you think about it so the trip seems worthwhile…. 🤣🤣

So I got to work at 8.04pm. It’s been a busy day but I finished bang on 4 and washed the van before I left on my wee overnight camping trip.

I’m in Catrine House campsite just outside Mauchline. Since I got here I have set up the van, been for a big explore….. cooked dinner, ate it and am now cooried up with an Alcohol Free Gin and tonic, some Dolly Moxtures and some Candied Stem Ginger shortbread… which is amazing. A present from Craig!

View from the front of the van
View from the back of the van

There are some stunning trees… all very different.

A wee exploring shelfie as Sean Connery would say…. 🙄😬🤣

The campsite is on the River Ayr Way which is a 44 mile path from Ayr to Glenbuck Loch.

I took this photo from a stunning old bridge that crosses the River Ayr but I don’t think I have any photos of the bridge itself!

The campsite also has wild camp pitches…. Craig will be staying in one of these tomorrow night. I may join him 🙄🥰

It would appear these are the on-site facilities down in the wild camp area…. 😬 maybe I’ll stay in the posh bit….


Wait till Calaidh, Bhruic and Freya meet this big guy tomorrow. He walked right over to me as I got the phone out to take a photo… no messing!!

Dinner was lemongrass and coconut prawn and noodle stir fry. I could have made this in the house all week but never fancied it. Yet it was so simple and very tasty.

And this is me now! At time of writing the Dolly mixtures and gin are gone and I’m two pieces of shortbread down.

I have my diesel heater on. A book to read and my crochet to work on but I am really content. It’s raining but that’s ok.

Getting up now to get some water to justify the fuel spent on the drive to get the water bottle 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣

Stay safe everyone 🚐🏕♥️

3 thoughts on “Day 767 first solo night away in Abbie the Campervan 🚐🏕🏔

    1. I thought of you when I took the trees. So many and so very different from each other… and cooking dinner and loving it is just unheard of for me. Loving the solitude, getting ready for bed now! And a lie in with no Farm woo hoo!! Xx

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