Day 757 day trip to Girvan…. Randomly 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

Woke at 3am with the fear that I was going to be wide awake on my day off…. Not so it seems… back to sleep until a random 6.30 alarm went off and then back over until just before 8. Didn’t go to the Farm this morning… I should have but I didn’t.

I was determined to have a wee day out today but the sun has gone and it’s rowdy cloudy. Still makes for some dramatic photos.

I’ve been checking the forecast since yesterday and while I wanted to head north to Inveraray, the forecast showed better in the south.

I spent all night romanticising about a boat trip to Ailsa Craig…. But didn’t bother to call them to see if there would be any space as I just assumed not. It’s ok I hear myself…. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

So I got up, sat with Craig while we had coffee before he want to work and then took the dogs out for a walk. We did a lead walk today I aced it. Took control no issues… none of this… I can’t manage my dogs malarkey…

Walking back into the village

I sat for a bit when I got back when I got back trying to figure out where to go for the day… love that Bhru sits on this bench outside… still near me about ready for action.

So I randomly decided to head for Girvan which is where the Ailsa Craig boat trip goes from…. Knowing I’m not going to go on the trip but thought I’d investigate anyway.

Here’s the trip I did.

I’m currently sitting at the big blue dot and can see right over to Campbeltown passed the south coast of Arran.

So Girvan was ok…. It’s pretty rundown to be honest, I think it might be a nice place to live as there are lots of lovely cottages but I walked through the town centre and, like most towns in Scotland now, the shops were all boarded up, charity shops or butchers. I had been looking forward to a wee rummage around some charity shops but there were none.

The harbour is pretty.

There were two lifeboats moored in the harbour. I have a wee donation in their collection tin… never know when you might need them!

The tidal estuary was particularly pretty.

The tulips were stunning!!

Ailsa Craig is the big rock in the distance. It’s where the rock comes for the curling 🥌 stones!

Wee rock pretending to be bigger than Ailsa Craig…

Ailsa Craig zoomed in 10 times!!

The sun is trying so hard to come out… have to say the forecast for today was not entirely accurate… the all day sunshine did not appear!

I then took a fascination for the old red mooring points….

The beach looked really moody under the cloud. We’ve had blue sky for 3 days now… not used to this… but very dramatic!

You can park motorhomes overnight for £10 now. It’s just a car park to be fair, so not best for the dogs but still great to see small towns offering this now.

I decided to head north via the coastal route up past Trump Turnberry which was truly beautiful but I couldn’t stop for photos… then onto Maidens.

I am now sitting right here. On my camper van stool…

I made a coffee in the van… first time in ages.

Watch out if you have Ailsa Craig in almost every photo today… 😬🤣

There is no one around. I’ve been here for just over an hour and have maybe see 10 people in total and they’ve all been walking dogs on the beach…. Except the young guy randomly crossing in a kilt… now I know you shouldn’t randomly photograph strangers but it needed doing….

Just going for a walk in my kilt… as you do! Culzean Castle is at the end of this beach so he maybe works there. I can’t get a photo from this distance as the light isn’t right…. Check me eh?!? I sound like I know what I’m talking about 🤣

A helicopter just flew over and landed further up the beach! 🚁

I found it further up the coast!

Not sure if it’s just an exercise as they just seem to be hovering. I sat here for about 5 minutes along with another 2 cars… it just kept hovering so I moved north.

Then drove off up the road through Dunure and didn’t stop at the castle 🏰 and carried on through Ayr, Prestwick and into Troon and stopped at South Beach.

There she is again…..

Troon Beach had loads of sand worms.

It’s really atmospheric.

The breeze has died and the water is like glsss.

Troon now has its very own big wheel 🛞

Sand worms everywhere!!

I love these next few shots.

So I’ve had a really lovely day. I’m home now and it’s sunnier than it’s been all day. 🤣

Back to work tomorrow but need to plan more travels soon I love exploring.

Stay safe everyone ♥️♥️♥️

5 thoughts on “Day 757 day trip to Girvan…. Randomly 🤷🏻‍♀️🤣

    1. Yeah I think he was maybe a backpacker who thought it was cool to wear a kilt in Scotland… (he had a selfie stick) it is but not necessarily when you’re out for a walk on the beach?!? Strange!! Xx

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  1. Lovely wee town that gets overlooked in Ayrshire purely for it being a bit far out from the rest of the region! Great read, brings back fond memories of my childhood 🙂


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